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Family Care Support Group

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Victory Strengthens Support for Families Dealing with Addiction

Because the disease of addiction affects the entire family, we believe rehabilitation should include care and support for family members.

Our Family Care Group, facilitated by a qualified counselor, meets weekly to provide education and support at no cost to families. This group is reserved for the family members of past or current clients of Victory Addiction Recovery Center.

Victory’s Family Care Group will help create realistic expectations for recovery through education and sharing in a safe, supportive environment. Group topics will include codependency, boundaries, disease model of addiction, 12 Steps and self care. Family Care is designed to support, not replace, inpatient family week and communications with your loved one’s primary counselor.

One of the major factors affecting those who have loved ones battling addiction is codependency. It is the desire to control someone who is out of control—codependency may be an unfamiliar term, and it is a difficult pattern to address. This pattern often develops in families altered by alcohol and drug addiction. Codependency carries with it feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness, patterns of enabling, care-taking and difficulty identifying wants and feelings. Family members also carry with them many questions, concerns and feelings regarding the care and future of their loved one. The disease of addiction is complex, and often there are no clear-cut answers—this can be a difficult reality.

Family Care Support Group
Thursdays 6:00-8:00 pm

Victory Addiction Recovery Center
111 Liberty Ave, Lafayette LA
(337) 456.9111

There is no cost to attend.
This group is not appropriate for children.

Meet the counselor

Jessica Gibson Kendrick, PLPC, is an Acadiana native with a master’s degree in counseling from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Jessica has over nine years in recovery and experience in both caring for an addict and working with families in similar situations. Jessica specializes in mindfulness-based practices, yoga therapy and faith-based recovery.

For more information about our Family Care Support Group, please feel free to contact us anytime at (337) 456-9111.