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About Victory Drug & Alcohol Recovery Center

Not just another treatment center…

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is a premier alcohol and drug treatment center offering affordable, quality treatment conveniently located in the heart of Acadiana. Victory’s highly experienced medical and clinical team have a deep understanding of the chronic disease of addiction and the negative effects it has on both the client and the family. Therefore, inclusion of the family begins on admission and continues throughout the course of treatment.

Our commitment to a personalized, comprehensive treatment approach ensures underlying issues and co-occurring conditions are treated as well. We treat the client holistically through evidence-based counseling techniques, in addition to alternative techniques such as exercise therapy and nutritional therapy. Nursing staff are on-site 24/7 to provide a safe, structured, and therapeutic environment.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is just as dedicated to the community as we are to the clients and their families; we offer support groups, education, and community awareness.

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