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VARC’s Clinical Director, Kerri Cunningham, Interviewed by Cajun First about the Fentanyl Drug Rise in Lafayette

By on Aug 8, 2016 in Recent News |


One prescription pain med is causing major issues here in the Hub City. So much that law enforcement called for an emergency press conference today to address the issue. “I have 8, 8 overdoses in the city of Lafayette this year only. And as you think about it, 8 is a lot.” Add five to that making thirteen overdoses within the parish alone. “There are more possibly related pending toxicalogy results.” Lafayette Sheriff’s Deputies and Police are warning the public about the drug, Fentanyl. It’s 50 times more potent than heroine. “It is being marketed by the drug suppliers as a heroine substitute.” It’s not only law enforcement seeing a huge increase in Fentanyl usage. “It’s very avaiable in our community right now actually in the state of Louisiana.” Kerri Cunningham the Clinic Director at Victory Recovery Center says Fentanyl is a prescribed pain reliever but can be abused for physical and emotional pain relief. “It’s highly addicitve, it’s very difficult to get off of, and a small quanitity of it can bring about an overdose very easily.” Kerri says everyone reacts differently to the drug, in some cases it can turn fatal. “Some people take opeiates and they begin to nod out, they begin to slur theri words, they begin to be a bit confused at times, then you have other who use opeats, who may be very stimulated but the opeiate, who may be very upbeat and energetic, and really getting things done and productive.” But knowing for sure can be simple. “Sacrificing time, money, family, work. Sacrificing your morals, values and character to continue to use the substance.”

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