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How Do “Stay at Home” Orders Affect Rehab Centers?

By on Apr 26, 2020 in Blog, Recovery, Trending Topics

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Staying home has become a necessary step in the fight against COVID-19. Millions of people around the world are spending more time at home to do their part. Yet, millions of others have to work to provide important services to the community. Rehab centers, including Victory Addiction Recovery Center, are essential business. That’s why we are open and operational to provide for your needs. Let our team be there to help you.

Is It Safe to Get Treatment in a Drug Treatment Center Right Now?

Men and women with substance use disorder need to find the help necessary to begin the recovery process. There has never been a better time to receive the care you need right here with us. Our drug and alcohol detox programs and residential treatment programs are operational. And, we are doing everything we can to ensure you are safe every time you reach out to our team.

We’re Monitoring a Changing World

Our team is working hard to ensure we provide the very best level of service to our residents. We are continually monitoring COVID-19 and its impact on our clients, employees, and treatment centers in general. We are also following the best practices set in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure we are doing everything we can to remain safe for our clients.

We have made changes to our operations to do just that. We are following social distancing rules. We’ve also taken steps to limit who comes into our treatment centers, allowing us to apply the most effective prevention tools possible for each member of our community.

You can also depend on us to keep you updated about changes in our treatment programs and services. As an essential service, you can depend on us to provide comprehensive care.

Is Now the Right Time to Seek Inpatient Treatment?

Substance abuse’s impact on your health, lifespan, and quality of life doesn’t stop for COVID-19. In fact, some people may be at a higher risk right now because of the virus. Now may be the right time for you to seek out the care you need.

#1: Substance Use Disorder May Make You a Higher Risk

Those with substance use disorder may be at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19. That’s because many have compromised immune systems and respiratory damage due to drug use. By entering rehab now, detoxing, and working on recovery, you’re taking every step possible to protect yourself.

#2: Mental Health Disorders May Become More Intense

Many people with addiction struggle with mental health disorders. This includes depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. Isolation – which many people are forced into right now – can make it much worse. It may push you towards using or may amplify your painful emotions, creating a high-risk scenario for you and your loved one.

#3: You Could Be Detoxing Painfully

Drug and alcohol dependency is a very real problem for many people with addiction. If your body does not have access to the drugs it is used to, you may enter into a painful detox process. Being in isolation may put you at a higher risk for this. In inpatient treatment, we can provide medication assistance to you to minimize this type of pain and discomfort.

#4: You Could Be More Likely to Relapse

If you’re clean, the high stress the COVID-19 pandemic has created has pushed many people towards using again. Don’t do it! Don’t give up all you’ve put into your recovery even as hard as life is right now. Our team can help you to avoid relapse or, if you’ve found yourself in this situation, we can help you find a way forward with treatment.

#5: Overdosing Now Could Be Even More High Risk

With emergency rooms restricting access or having limited ability to meet the needs of non-COVID-19 patients, you may not get the help you need soon enough if you overdose. If you’re using significantly or your loved one is, do not count on police officers, emergency rooms, and EMS workers to be able to help as quickly. In some cities, this is worse than others, of course.

Why not enter inpatient treatment now? Let our team work closely with you to help you avoid relapse, overdosing, and withdrawal. At Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Louisiana, we have the tools and resources to help you right now. Our inpatient treatment center is available. Please contact our team to discuss the treatment plans we can provide to you today.

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To learn more about our programs at Victory Addiction Recovery Center, addiction detox center in Louisiana, please contact us anytime at (337) 456.9111.

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