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Why Group Therapy Is Important To Addiction Recovery

By on Jun 28, 2024 in Blog

During drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you probably expect to work one-on-one with a therapist to dig deep into what has led to your addiction. You may expect to learn more about practical techniques to resist relapse, too. And while you may expect some form of group therapy, you may feel nervous about or resistant to sharing your experiences with others. However, we would argue that group therapy might be the best experience you have in treatment. Let’s look at how it works and how it can help you. 

What Is Group Therapy?

As defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, group therapy is “a therapy modality wherein clients learn and practice recovery strategies, build interpersonal skills, and reinforce and develop social support networks.”

Group therapy sessions are typically made up of 8-12 people and one therapist. The therapist guides the session, sometimes focusing on a particular topic and sometimes letting the group discussion drive the focus. Within group therapy sessions, you’ll explore a wide range of topics and practice communicating with others. You’ll develop new relationships and learn how to offer support to others even as they support you.  

How Group Therapy Can Help You in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a complicated disease that makes a person feel isolated and stuck. Even if you want to recover and move through your life without substances, addiction holds you back. Group therapy aims to give you the tools to work through those challenges so that you can start to build better relationships. You may see a number of benefits from utilizing group therapy in addiction recovery:

You realize you’re not in this alone.

One of the reasons group therapy is so beneficial is that it teaches you that you’re not alone. You are not the only person experiencing this pain and struggle. You are not the only person who is battling a past of sexual abuse, emotional heartbreak, or physical pain. Knowing that you’re not alone helps to remove any sense of shame you may have for your addiction.

You improve your communication skills.

There is no simple or easy way to talk about past pain or to work through difficult memories. Yet as you improve your ability to verbally express yourself, you may find it easier to cope with those memories. In group therapy, you’ll experience opportunities to:

  • Listen more effectively to others
  • Communicate in a way you can be understood
  • Gain confidence to speak up about your needs
  • Learn how to react to other people as they speak to you
  • Sharpen your empathy skills

Often, a person misinterprets how others feel or think because of a lack of interpersonal skills. You develop those skills by using them, and group therapy offers a safe and positive environment to do that. As a component of inpatient residential rehab in Louisiana, group therapy can help you open up over time when you feel comfortable doing so.

You get support from others.

During group therapy, you share as much as you are willing without fear of being judged or misunderstood. This is a safe environment. You will learn from your group members the strategies they have used for dealing with difficult moments in addiction recovery or when facing people who are hurtful. You learn how to deal with cravings, how to move past a difficult relationship, and why you are a valuable part of the community.

You practice new skills.

Addiction recovery takes time and practice. During group therapy sessions, you’ll have the ability to practice new skills. That includes communication skills, social skills, managing negative thought patterns, and experimenting with new ways of thinking. At the same time, you’ll learn how to apply your new skills to daily life, allowing you to stay present in addiction recovery.

Explore the Ways That Group Therapy Fits Into Your Long-Term Addiction Recovery Plan

At Victory Addiction Recovery Center, our drug and alcohol treatment program in Louisiana is designed to provide you with numerous tools and strategies to build a healthy future. Group therapy is just one component of the treatment we offer. Contact us today to learn more about our healing culture and what it could mean for your future.

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