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Opioids: When Addiction Happens Due to Prescription Use

By on Sep 25, 2019 in Addiction, Blog

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Are you wondering if your loved one may be addicted to pain medications? Though you know they suffer from pain, you’re worried about the symptoms of addiction you’re noticing. What’s going on with them, and what can you do about it?

Opioid Addiction Is No Longer Uncommon

The statistics on opioid addiction are profound. Every day in the U.S. over 130 people die from overdosing on opioids, many of which take the form of prescription pain relievers. In 2017, an estimated 1.7 million people suffered from substance abuse related to prescription opioid use, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The same organization reports that between 21 and 29 percent of the people who are given these types of medications for chronic conditions will misuse them.

If you believe your loved one may be using opioids inappropriately, recognize it may be up to you to do something about it. Many times, a person with this type of addiction is unable to stop using on their own. That means they need someone to help them stop.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Misuse

Even if you believe your loved one is in need of pain medications, you may notice a change in them if they’ve been using the drugs for some time. Common signs of addiction to pain relievers include the following:

  • They are angry and moody, especially if they do not have access to the drugs.
  • They need to continue to use more, emptying their prescriptions before they should have.
  • They spend each day seeking out access to pain medication. They may even ask others for some.
  • You’ve noticed behaviors such as a loss of communication or a change in their work habits.
  • A change in their appearance is obvious. This may be due to the medications or the poor diet that can result from misusing the medications.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, seek out help for your loved one as soon as possible. Getting drug abuse treatment in Lafayette, LA is possible. Our team at Victory Addiction Recovery Center is on hand to offer the help you need.

How Can This Be Happening to Your Family?

What makes prescription drug abuse very concerning is that it can happen to anyone. You do not have to use prescription medications for very long before addiction can occur. Many times, a person who is otherwise healthy and uses these drugs after surgery or injury may become addicted. They do not have to have any previous addictions or mental health concerns.

It’s possible to point fingers at the drug industry for the overuse of these drugs. Doctors wrote prescriptions for opioids without regard to dependency for many years. According to some reports, pharmaceutical companies told medical providers that there was no risk of addiction occurring, purposefully misleading them. In some areas, states and cities have sued these companies for perpetuating opioid abuse.

Why Can’t Your Loved One Just Stop?

In your loved one’s situation, it may not be their fault. They may not have sought a high from these medications. More simply, they may be physically unable to stop using the medication. If a person with a physical dependency stops using opioids, their body will enter into painful and even life-threatening withdrawal. Seizures, heart-related problems, and sudden death are possible.

In severe cases of addiction, it is best for a person to be admitted into a detox rehab center. This provides a medically monitored space for your loved one to work through the detox process. In a detox center, they may receive medications to ease the pain and to manage any type of emergency situation quickly.

Should You Get Help for Your Loved One for Opioid Use?

Any type of opioid use is dangerous. In all situations, prescription opioids should not be used unless they are the only option. Doctors are turning to new methods for managing pain to avoid these uses. However, if you are in the middle of watching a loved one develop an opioid dependency and addiction, take action. Encourage your loved one to seek out drug treatment. Our team at Victory can help determine if they need detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment.

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