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What Could Happen with Four Weeks of Addiction Treatment?

By on Apr 21, 2023 in Blog |

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Four Weeks of Addiction Treatment

What could you do with four weeks? If you’re suffering from addiction, much of that time will likely be spent in mental and physical distress. You’ll do what you have always done to get by. 

What if you put that four weeks into addiction treatment? It sounds like both too short of a time to make a real change in your future and too long of a time to be away from family or friends. Yet, consider what can happen in just four weeks of addiction treatment.

Here’s What Happens to Our Clients

When you step into addiction treatment at Victory Recovery Center, you gain tools, support, and guidance every step of the way. Consider what our clients report to us about the way they feel in just that short amount of time.

33% Say Their Stress Is Lower

Without a doubt, stress is a contributor to ongoing substance use. Stress at home and at work can limit your ability to see any good in each day. Stress often drives people to use substances as a coping mechanism.

The World Health Organization reports that ongoing stress impacts both the physical body and the mind, worsening pre-existing conditions and driving us to use substances as a way to cope. When you feel stress throughout the day, it directly impacts your ability to focus, to accomplish the day’s tasks, to interact with other people, and to feel good about yourself at the end of the day.

48% Say Their Quality of Life Has Improved

How does addiction impact your quality of life? It probably does so in multiple ways:

  • Your physical health is deteriorating. You don’t feel good. You’ve developed disease or mental health issues or both. It’s hard to manage the symptoms of withdrawal. Your substance use affects your oral health, brain health, heart, and lungs.
  • Social and emotional isolation occurs. Those with addiction face a constant level of social and emotional isolation. They don’t feel as though they fit in. Many times, they also feel a lack of connection with the community. That makes life challenging.
  • Financial hardship is common. The need to use substances consistently often drives financial hardship, whether it’s due to the inability to work and maintain a career or the need to constantly purchase substances.

What if these three things could improve? Within just four weeks, almost half of the people in treatment report that the quality of their life has significantly improved.

36% Report Decreased Depression

Drug addiction and mental illness are linked conditions for many people. The National Institutes of Health reports that 7.7 million adults in the U.S. suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health disorders, including depression. 

With proper treatment of co-occurring disorders, it’s possible to see a remarkable improvement in your mental health and quality of life. Treating both conditions at the same time is ideal and often necessary. Just four weeks of treatment may help you to start seeing far more control over mental health disorders. 

24% Report Decreased Anxiety

How often does anxiety control the decisions you make? It may determine whether or not you reach out to a friend or have the confidence to pursue your dream. It may limit your ability to feel comfortable with yourself and others; it may keep you stuck in a job or relationship that isn’t healthy for you. 

Entering into drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you to gain control over your anxiety. What if you didn’t have to:

  • Always worry that something could go wrong?
  • Plague yourself with “what if” questions about each decision you make?
  • Question your worth?
  • Keep missing out on potentially great opportunities because they seem too hard to pursue?

Treatment for anxiety can be a core component of your drug and alcohol treatment. You’ll find that treating this mental health disorder alongside your addiction will empower you and help you to gain control over your physical body and your mental well-being.

Are you ready to see a change? Reach out to Victory Addiction Recovery Center now. Let us help you start addiction treatment in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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