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5 Ways Tactical Recovery Can Change Your Future

By on Jun 13, 2024 in Blog, PTSD, Recovery

For those who have served in combat situations or brought emergency care to victims of traumatic accidents or events, exposure to trauma can have long-lasting effects. If the military Veteran or first responder does not have the time or resources to process their experiences, they may turn to drug and alcohol use to cope. 

When a substance use disorder (SUD) develops in response to trauma, treatment can seem daunting. Is it even possible to heal and move forward? Yes, it is, and this is where our Tactical Recovery program comes into play. This program was created by and for Veterans and first responders and is geared toward supporting the unique challenges of those populations.

How Tactical Recovery Changes Futures

Nothing will erase the pain of what you saw and experienced firsthand. However, those feelings and images can become easier to live with if you have the right type and level of support. A typical addiction treatment program may not be enough for those who are battling co-occurring trauma disorder and SUD. With Tactical Recovery, our patients benefit in several key ways.

#1: Supervised, Supported Detox

Detoxing from the substances that help mask emotional pain can be a terrifying experience for some people. Within the Tactical Recovery program, you will be in a medically supervised detox program, which ensures your safety and surrounds you with medical and therapeutic support. Detox is never easy, but its discomforts can be mitigated. You’ll leave our detox program feeling ready to embark on the deeper work of recovery. 

#2: Peers and Therapists You Can Connect With

One of the most challenging components of recovery for Veterans and first responders is that people in the general population don’t really “get it.” Unless someone has experienced what you’ve been through, they can’t connect with you on a deep level. 

One of the strongest benefits of Tactical Recovery is that you will undergo recovery with peers and therapists who have experienced similar trauma. They get it because they have been through it. For those who may be battling memories, anger, and frustration over what they have faced, having direct access to exceptional support is critical. In this program, you have authentic support, guided engagement opportunities, and real people who do not pretend to know what you are facing.

#3: Customized Care 

Another way in which Tactical Recovery works so well for many Veterans is by providing a wide range of options to support recovery. No single program works for everyone, and not everyone responds in the same way to different types of behavioral therapies. Tactical Recovery offers a solution by providing you with access to a long list of potential treatment methods, such as:

  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Seeking Safety
  • Mindfulness
  • REBT (rational-emotive behavior therapy)
  • CPT (cognitive processing therapy)

These evidence-based treatments are all available to help you access the healing you desire. You’ll work with our team to determine which treatments make sense for you. 

#4: Real Strategies for the Real World

One of the best ways that Tactical Recovery supports Veterans and first responders is by providing real tools, information, and support to take with you after treatment ends. 

Throughout the program, you partake in residential treatment with your peers. You will learn, grow, and develop those relationships–and also develop strategies for your long-term recovery.

You’ll learn how to navigate risky situations in everyday life. You’ll learn how to overcome the risks of triggers and how to deal with grief and stress in a healthy way. You’ll learn that your needs, even though they are unique, can be met.

#5: Alumni Support 

Another core benefit to our Tactical Recovery program is the level of alumni support present.  With weekly programs and then ongoing alumni services, you never feel unconnected or alone. 

Seek Out Help from a Trusted Partner in Your Recovery

Take the time to learn more about how Victory Addiction Recovery Center can help you overcome the intense challenges you are facing right now. There is no simple solution, but there are exceptional services and people available who can help. Contact us now.

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