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Alumni Program Helps Clients Further Their Recovery 

By on May 3, 2024 in Addiction Recovery, Blog, Recent News

Addiction treatment doesn’t stop once a client leaves Victory. Having a strong alumni program keeps alumni accountable and educates them on their new journey. It also helps form new bonds between people who are new to recovery and those who have been sober for years. 

The alumni program is led by Jon Flowers, a Lafayette native who joined the U.S. Army during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. After spending 12 years as an Air Traffic Controller, including three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jon left the military. While struggling to find his sense of purpose, he developed an addiction and suffered from PTSD.

“I was introduced to Victory as a client in January of 2021,” Jon says. “I had begun my recovery journey at Victory and had placed multiple people in treatment as part of my own recovery. So when the alumni coordinator position became available, it was a perfect fit for me and I applied and started working at Victory in March 2022. The resources and relationships I have built as a result of being in recovery are indispensable to my job.”

While the alumni program is a chance for former clients to stay engaged with others and to further their own recovery, Jon also offers peer mentoring for those looking for recovery resources and general life improvement. 

“We built the alumni program on the principles of Unity, Recovery, and Service,” Jon says. “We make sure everyone feels welcome and included in our group. Our commitment to the community and recovery sets us apart. We plan community engagement and try to develop a connection with the local community at large.

“People love coming back to the facility and they also really appreciate the level of follow up we offer through the alumni program. Clients get calls from staff as they progress through their recovery journey. They also love the stickers and t-shirts I make throughout the year.” 

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