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Addiction Rehab Center Near Lake Charles

Addiction Rehab Center Near Lake Charles - victory addiction recovery centerVictory Addiction Recovery Center is a premier addiction rehab center near Lake Charles.

Our combination of holistic treatment with a clinical approach makes us different from other facilities. Our center also houses an auditorium where we have live speakers, inspirational presentations and family-friendly events. These alcohol-free events are a safe way for our clients and their families to enjoy themselves and learn that sobriety is actually quite enjoyable. It’s important that we provide treatment for our clients as well as their families. We understand that addiction affects many lives, so our addiction rehab center near Lake Charles strives to provide treatment for everyone involved.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is conveniently located in Lafayette, LA. This is just about an hour away from the Lake Charles area.

We begin with alcohol and drug detox, if necessary, which is done under strict clinical supervision. This is often the most intense part of treatment. Many others have pushed through this process and you can, too. You will interact one-on-one with our certified counselors. Here you will develop a treatment plan utilizing a variety of effective methods. Some of these methods will be one-on-one sessions, gender specific groups and relapse prevention methods.

Holistic Addiction Recovery near Lake Charles 

We offer nutrition and exercise programs. We have a licensed dietician on staff to help you establish better nutritional habits. We also include meditation groups, 12 step meetings and spiritual groups to help heal body, mind and soul. We want all of our clients to leave as well-rounded individuals in recovery.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center wants to set you up for success, so we provide aftercare programs and outpatient services to help keep you focused on recovery. It’s important to stay connected to treatment even after you leave our addiction rehab center near Lake Charles.

You can also contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (337) 456.9111 to speak to someone who can help answer any additional questions you may have.