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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. For any additional information, please call us at 337-456-9111.

What should I bring with me for an inpatient stay?

Clients will need personal hygiene items, about 5-7 changes of appropriate clothing, exercise attire, sneakers, and a bath robe. Victory will provide towels, linens, and pillows (clients may bring their own, if desired). All items will be inventoried and must be approved by staff.

Will my family/friends be able to call or visit me?

Absolutely! Family support is a crucial component of treatment. Phone calls are allowed outside of structured activities. Upon admission, clients will be given an ID number. Anyone wishing to call a client, drop off items, send mail, etc. must have the correct ID number. Visitation is held each Saturday from 9am-12pm. Families attend an educational session prior to visitation where they are able to meet Victory’s clinical staff and learn about addiction. Clients will be eligible to have visitors once detox protocol is completed.

Do you have a support program just for families?

Yes! Addiction affects the entire family, so we have created family care for support. Family care is on Thursday nights at 6:00 and is open to anyone who has a family member suffering from addiction. Join us!

Will I see a doctor?

Each client will see a physician to determine course of treatment/detox, review medications, and assess for health concerns. Our physician works closely with the team to continue to provide quality health care. If there are any psychiatric concerns, the physicians and clinical staff will explore the need for a psychiatric evaluation.

Will I get my prescribed medications?

All medications must be reviewed and approved by our medical doctors to ensure safety and quality care.

Are meals provided?

Three meals each day are catered by local restaurants. Healthy snacks are also available at certain times during the day. Victory will accommodate specific diets as determined by the dietitian. No outside food or drinks are permitted.

Is there a dress code?

Clients can wear modest, comfortable clothing. No alcohol or drug-related material will be permitted.

Are laundry services available?

Washers and dryers are available to inpatient clients during their stay. Victory provides laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

What will a typical day be like?

The day is structured around individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Outside of the counseling groups, the clients participate in morning meditation, exercise, spirituality groups, daily assignments, and recreational activities.

Will you help us find support after discharge?

Certainly. Prior to discharge the entire family can have a map for what comes next.

Is the program strictly 12-step?

Victory’s educated and licensed staff will use a variety of modalities to reach our clients. We strongly believe in individualized needs and care for all clients.

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