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Family Therapy for Addiction in Louisiana

Because the entire family is affected by the disease of addiction and its aftermath, Victory invites families to take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. This not only benefits the clients but also helps the entire family learn how to deal with the hurt caused by addiction and how to best support their loved one in the future.

We offer two educational opportunities for families: Family Care Night and Family Week.

Family Care Group

On Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm, families are invited to Family Care Night during their loved one’s stay at Victory and beyond. This free group is designed for adult family members of our clients and for individuals in recovery who want to learn more about addiction recovery.

Our Family Care Group, facilitated by a qualified counselor, meets weekly to provide education and support. Victory’s Family Care Group will help create realistic expectations for recovery through education and sharing in a safe, supportive environment. Group topics will include codependency, boundaries, disease model of addiction, 12 Steps, and self care. Family Care Group is designed to support, not replace, Family Week. We also encourage regular communication with your loved one’s primary counselor to coordinate care and resources for the client and family.

Victory believes that family can play a huge role in promoting lasting sobriety. “We recommend family begin attending family care from the very beginning on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm,” Kerri Cunningham, program director, says. “This is a group that the family can attend for support and can continue post discharge.”

Family Week

Family week is usually the third to fourth week in treatment. The program lasts two or three days depending on the number of attending families and their needs. During the first phone call with family members, the client’s primary counselor will notify the family of the date. We will also provide a schedule and instructions on what to bring.

Family Week Schedule

This is a general schedule of what we cover during the family week process. All sessions meet as a large group unless specifically noted otherwise. There will be a great deal of information covered, so we strongly encourage you to bring something to write with and something to write on. Themes to keep in mind: PROGRESS, not “Perfection”; Let It Begin with Me; One Day at a Time; Keep an Open Mind.


  • Overview/Welcome
  • Disease of Addiction lecture
  • Letters to your loved one
  • Family Disease lecture


  • Wellness Wheel/Defense Mechanisms lecture
  • Clients present Drug & Alcohol History to family members
  • Acceptance/Forgiveness/Boundaries lecture


  • Review assignments: boundaries, consequences, and forgiveness
  • Boundaries and forgiveness activity with your loved one
  • Ice breakers individually/on your own between each family and their loved one
  • Recommendations for continued treatment done individually with each family and their loved one

“My goal through the family week process is to provide families the information necessary to support them in making healthy choices when it comes to the future of their relationships with their loved ones,” says Jessica Moody, LSCW, Victory’s family therapist. “This involves providing family members information through didactic sessions, homework assignments, and creating and practicing new ‘scripts’ for how they communicate with their loved ones. An overarching theme of the family week program is how family members can incorporate many of the skills they learn and practice into other areas and relationships in their lives to support their ability to detach from the family disease components of addiction.”

We strongly encourage families to attend family week, Saturday lectures, and family care. If families do not live near Lafayette, we will find resources in their area. In the past, we have been able to work with families from as far away as northern Tennessee to find local meetings and a counselor to work with. We are also able to do phone sessions for families who cannot make it to Victory.

We get so caught up dealing with our loved one’s addiction that we forget to take care of ourselves. Family week was a great educational opportunity to help me fully understand the disease process and begin to process the word “boundaries.” Family Care has been instrumental in teaching me about codependency and that we must take care of ourselves if we want to be of any use to anyone else. I thank God for Victory Recovery Center and the way they care for the entire family.
~ Family member of client

Will my family/friends be able to call or visit me?
Absolutely! Family support is a crucial component of treatment. Phone calls are allowed outside of structured activities. Upon admission, clients will be given an ID number. Anyone wishing to call a client, drop off items, send mail, etc. must have the correct ID number. Visitation is held each Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm. Families attend an educational session prior to visitation where they are able to meet Victory’s clinical staff and learn about addiction. Clients will be eligible to have visitors after 7 days.

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