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Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Louisiana

Addiction is a disease that is both chronic and progressive. This disease affects people from all walks of life, including those who are in the healthcare profession. While it may seem counterintuitive for someone with extraordinary knowledge about health and the negative effects of alcohol and drug use to partake, it is common. Healthcare professionals often work in high-stress environments for long shifts that can last days. Sometimes patterns of drug and alcohol abuse begin while they are students and become more severe over time, and others develop further down the road. No matter the situation, the bottom line is that professionals are not immune to addiction, and they face uniquely difficult circumstances when they do decide to seek treatment.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center offers addiction treatment for professionals in Louisiana. At Victory, we understand what you are facing, and we are committed to helping you address your issues, find a solution and preserve your career. VARC is recognized by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing to treat their professionals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our licensed medical and clinical staff provides three day evaluations, residential treatment and an intensive outpatient program, all specialized for professionals.

Our program is designed to effectively address your individual needs and help you gain understanding, while teaching you to cope with issues that are specific to your profession. The goal at Victory’s addiction treatment for professionals in Louisiana is to provide you with the education, support and assistance you need to return to work at your very best and continue living in freedom. We will provide updates to the referral source and/or licensing board in order to track your progress, and as discharge from Victory’s Professionals Program nears, we will provide a summary, as well as recommendations for continuing care.

For more information about our Professionals Program, please call and speak with someone today at (855) 559-9822. You are not alone, and a life free from addiction is possible. Let us help you find it.