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Drug Treatment Center Near Shreveport

Drug Treatment Center Near Shreveport - Drug Addiction Recovery Center in Louisiana - victory addiction recovery centerIs drug dependence holding you back from living the life you truly want?

Substance abuse and addiction tend to completely take over the lives of both the user and their loved ones.  If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, consider speaking with someone today at Victory Addiction Recovery Center.  Victory is a drug treatment center near Shreveport that is dedicated to full family recovery.

Victory’s drug treatment center near Shreveport offers individuals a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program that includes detoxification, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment options.

Everyone’s needs are somewhat different, and the expert staff at Victory knows this.  Treatment programs are tailored to meet these specific needs so that each of our clients receives the right care.  Our immediate goal is to get you physically healed so that we can begin helping you or your loved one heal emotionally and mentally.  The licensed counselors at our facility utilize a variety of treatment methods, including individual, group and gender-specific therapy and addiction education.  During your time with us at our inpatient treatment program near Shreveport, you will have access to 12-Step meetings, spirituality and meditation groups, physical training, and dietary guidance, all aimed to treat you or your loved one holistically.  The Inpatient Program can be between two weeks to 45 days.  Our Outpatient Program is held 3 nights each week, for 12 weeks.

The addiction experts at Victory believe that a strong support system is a vital part of recovery.

“Family Week” is a feature of our Inpatient Program open to friends and family members of clients. This feature includes films, lectures and group discussions that are used to educate loved ones about the disease of addiction and to help them learn how to support their loved ones who are in recovery.
Please call and speak with someone today about finding help in our healing culture for either yourself or the person in your life who is struggling with drug addiction.  We believe that full recovery is not only possible, but also within reach.

Let us help you and your family find the freedom and peace you deserve. Contact us today at (337) 456.9111.