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Inpatient Treatment for Addiction Near Alexandria, LA

Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette Louisiana - drug addiction rehab and detox - Inpatient Treatment for Addiction Near Alexandria, LAVictory Addiction Recovery Center is an inpatient treatment center for addiction near Alexandria, LA.  

Are you concerned about yourself or a loved one?  Call Victory today and speak to someone about getting help.  At VARC, we help individuals and families recover from the damaging effects of addiction.  No person chooses to be an addict, but you can choose to get help. Clients at our inpatient treatment for addiction near Alexandria, LA, will have access to alcohol and drug detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment.  

Our expert and experienced staff will make sure you or your loved one get started in the right phase of treatment.  After individuals are physically healed, they can begin our residential program, where they will experience individual, group and gender-specific therapy and education to begin healing both mentally and emotionally.  In addition, clients will have access to 12-Step meetings, spirituality and meditation groups, physical training, and dietary guidance while in our residential program.  

We also offer an outpatient program that is designed to provide clients with more flexibility.  

Sessions are offered at night, allowing you to continue to live your life, attend work or school and meet family needs.  Victory’s outpatient program, also called IOP, combines group, individual and family therapy.  IOP sessions focus on education, relapse prevention, spirituality, 12 Steps and other relevant topics.

Victory’s inpatient treatment for addiction near Alexandria, LA, is located in Lafayette, just 100 or so miles from Alexandria.  Our treatment center is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and welcomes insurance.  More than just another drug and alcohol treatment center, VARC is dedicated to full family recovery and believes that lifelong sobriety is within reach for everyone who is truly seeking it.  

If you are considering seeking professional help for an addiction problem, please don’t wait. Contact us to speak with our admissions team today at (337) 379-7700.