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Louisiana Inpatient Treatment Center

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is a premier Louisiana inpatient treatment center.

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We believe firmly in providing a supportive atmosphere, never judgmental. We also help integrate the family into the recovery process by offering education and information regarding addiction. There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about addiction, and it is beneficial for everyone involved to provide clarity.

Our Louisiana inpatient treatment center uses a variety of effective treatment methods administered by our licensed counselors and addiction specialists.

12-step meetings along with meditation and other spiritual programs are available in our treatment center. Many of us were once where you or your loved one are today, on the brink of death, miserable and lost. Victory can offer you the supportive care and guidance you need in order to start the healing process. A common saying in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous is to “always look for the similarities and not the differences,” and we hope you do so when you begin your journey with us.

The duration of time at our Louisiana inpatient treatment center will be determined by you and your counselor.

You will work together with your counselor in a positive and cohesive environment. Our team of professionals provides group therapy along with gender-specific, individual and family therapy. Our Louisiana inpatient treatment center strives to provide our clients with a variety of programs and activities. We also provide access to dietitians and physical fitness programs so you can begin to heal in all areas.

We understand that no one can live the rest of their life at a treatment facility, so Victory will provide you with a continuing care plan. This plan of action after treatment involves relapse preventative care, a connection to the recovery community and a multitude of resources to help you stay on the right track. Our Louisiana inpatient treatment center can help you discover that there is a life worth living, and it doesn’t have to revolve around drugs, alcohol or any other type of addiction.

If you or a loved one is in need of residential treatment, let Victory Recovery Center help. Contact us today at 855-559-9819.