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Addiction Rehab Facility Near Monroe

Addiction Rehab Facility Near Monroe - victory recovery centerEver wonder how drugs and the problem of addiction seem to blanket all cities in Louisiana?

It’s partly due to the port of New Orleans, which happens to be one of the largest transportation hubs in the United States. Sadly, the New Orleans port is known for its contribution to the smuggling of illicit drugs. These drugs are often hidden in containerized bulk cargo such as produce and iron ore. In addition to bulk cargo smuggling, this port of destination continues to provide passengers on Caribbean cruise ships the opportunity to smuggle drugs. These drugs are hitting all neighborhoods in Louisiana, and Monroe is no exception. The more drugs a city like Monroe receives, the more addiction will become prevalent. This is where Victory Addiction Recovery Center (VARC) can help.

Those searching for an addiction rehab facility near Monroe, Louisiana, can find the relief they need at VARC.

Just over a 3-hour drive from Monroe, Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, LA, continues to be in the forefront of treatment programs, offering the best care to those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Beginning with our intensive detoxification program, the medical team here at VARC can detox all substances in a safe and comfortable environment. By monitoring patients 24/7, the extra care and compassion provided eases anxieties and discomfort during this essential process. Once detoxification is completed, one can truly start the inner journey of recovery.

Victory’s treatment program consists of diverse treatment modalities, making this addiction rehab facility near Monroe popular with those suffering from addiction.

These modalities may include 12-Step studies, physical and recreational therapies, nutrition guidance, spiritual and meditation studies as well as holistic approaches such as CBT. In addition, trauma therapy, relapse prevention therapy and treatment for co-occurring disorders are also available. Through these evidence-based treatment modalities, one can begin to peel back the layers, often revealing the underlying cause of the addiction.

The first step to a sober life is to call Victory Addiction Recovery Center.

Inquire about their innovative programs, qualified addiction specialists and comfortable campus. The admission team is available to discuss next steps and will gladly verify insurance benefits if applicable. Learn why VARC is known as the number one addiction rehab facility near Monroe, Louisiana.

For more information about VARC’s addiction treatment center in Louisiana, contact us anytime at (337) 379-7700 or you may email us.

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