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Addiction Rehabilitation Center Near Natchitoches

victory addiction recovery center - louisiana tree - Addiction Rehabilitation Center Near NatchitochesThose struggling with using or drinking will be at ease knowing there is an addiction rehabilitation center near Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana continue to arrive through Louisiana by commercial and private transportation on a daily basis. With methamphetamine being the highest drug threat, many are finding their lives in turmoil and facing the crossroads of sobriety or continued addiction.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is located in the heart of the Arcadia area in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The campus has been completely renovated and is available to those searching for inpatient or intense outpatient treatment. Large enough to offer both treatments, the campus is comfortable and spacious while providing a serene and comfortable atmosphere, which is essential in early sobriety.

Addiction Rehabilitation Center near Natchitoches

For those living in the area, choosing an addiction rehabilitation center near Natchitoches allows for family members and loved ones to participate in the recovery process. Because addiction affects everyone involved, Victory Addiction Recovery Center incorporates their unique family program to help heal not only the addict, but loved ones as well. Family healing is a crucial element in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Programs at Victory Addiction Recovery Center are centered on the Whole Person Care Approach as well as the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This approach heals the mind, body and spirit, which addiction has destroyed.

Detox Program Near Natchitoches

Once the physical aspects have been managed through detoxification, the evidence-based clinical and therapeutic treatment can begin. These comprehensive and personalized treatment plans help to restore dignity and self-worth that is lost during the addiction cycle. At Victory Recovery Center, we specialize in the treatment of meth addiction, cocaine addiction, marijuana addiction that run rampant in Louisiana. 

Victory is the one addiction rehabilitation center near Natchitoches that is known for having the most compassionate and caring group of doctors, nurses and staff. They are dedicated to recovery and take great pride in helping change lives.

If you or someone you love is in need of an addiction rehabilitation center near Natchitoches, please contact us today at (337) 379.7700. Our admissions professionals are available 24/7.