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addiction treatment for first responders - victory addiction treatment center - first aid kit

Addiction Treatment for First Responders

By on Nov 5, 2015 in Addiction, Blog, Recovery

addiction treatment for first responders - victory addiction treatment center - first aid kitHaving a loved one whose job is to protect, serve, and save the public from danger can be difficult, especially if that person begins to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to help with trauma or stress.

Many first responders experience PTSD symptoms. Their everyday lives consist of seeing things that other people can hardly fathom. Officers are trained to maintain control and hide their emotions, and sometimes this behavior carries over into their personal lives. They forget to take the wall down after work, which makes communication difficult or non-existent with their loved ones. When addiction is added to this already complicated situation, the negative responses intensify.

One way to temporarily cope with daily life as a first responder is through the use of drugs and alcohol.

Substances can numb all senses and create temporary euphoria, but the key word is temporary: the problems will not go away on their own, and, more often than not, they multiply. This in turn drives the wedge deeper between a first responder and their loved ones. Addiction treatment for first responders can provide them with the necessary and confidential help they need in order to start living life instead of numbing it out. Treatment can also help rekindle relationships and open the communication between family members.

When you are the loved one of a first responder, you are already worried about whether or not they are going to be coming home that day.

These men and women put their lives on the line for strangers, while their family members wait for their safe return home. When you are the loved one of a first responder struggling with addiction, your fears are multiplied. It is typical behavior of people to shut down when they are struggling with addiction, which leaves families wondering what they could possibly do to help. Addiction treatment for first responders not only heals them but also begins the healing process for their families. Addiction within a family effects everyone, which is why most treatment centers provide inpatient and/or outpatient programs for the family as well as the client. Everyone deserves the chance to rekindle their relationships, open the lines of communication, and start living life free from addiction’s negative consequences.

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