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Consequences of Drug Abuse

By on May 3, 2015 in Blog, Trending Topics

Consequences of Drug Abuse - Victory Addiction Recovery Center - Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Lafayette Louisiana - Louisiana Alcohol RehabDrug abuse can lead to social, legal, financial, and physical and mental health consequences. These consequences may differ in intensity depending on how far the addiction has progressed and the type of drug being abused.

Often times, we make excuses to minimize or rationalize our consequences to tell ourselves that they are not “that bad” compared to others’ experiences. It is best not to compare ourselves to others, but instead to take an honest look at our own behaviors, life experiences, and the consequences we have personally suffered. The progression of addiction often begins with denial.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself as a starting point:

Social Consequences of Drug Abuse

  • Am I having problems in my relationships with my family and friends?
  • Am I doing or saying things I would not normally say or do?
  • Am I withdrawing from the people I care about?
  • Have I stolen from family to support my drug use?
  • Does it seem like no one wants to be around me anymore?
  • Am I surrounding myself with people who are using drugs the way I do?
  • Has my family tried to intervene?
  • Have they suggested I go to detox or rehab?

Legal Consequences of Drug Abuse

  • Have I been arrested for possession of illegal drugs?
  • Have I been arrested for behavior resulting from my drug use?
  • Have I been in car accidents related to my drug use or lost my driver’s license?

Financial Consequences of Drug Abuse

  • Have I lost jobs as a result of my drug use?
  • Have I been denied jobs as a result of a criminal record related to drug use?
  • Am I always in debt or broke?
  • Have I pawned or sold things to support my drug use?
  • Have I had to pay lawyers and/or fines as a result of my drug use?
  • Have I failed to pay important bills (mortgage, rent, utilities, etc.) because a large amount of my money is spent on drugs?

Physical and Mental Health Consequences of Drug Abuse

  • Do I feel sick when I try to lessen the amount of drugs I use or try to stop?
  • Am I suffering from depression?
  • Am I suffering from anxiety?
  • Have I felt paranoid?
  • Have I been suicidal?
  • Do I experience tremors?
  • Does it seem like it takes more to achieve a certain high? Am I developing a tolerance?
  • Do I need to use drugs just to feel normal?
  • Have I been hospitalized due to drug use?
  • Have I been to rehab?
  • Have I been to a detox facility?

This is not a perfect and all-inclusive list of all the consequences of drug abuse. In most cases, someone who is experiencing consequences of drug abuse can experience many of those listed above to lesser or greater degree.

If you are concerned about your own or a loved one’s drug use please contact us anytime at (337) 379.7700. We’re here to help.

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