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image of a highway leading back to infinity - dealing with the past - victory addiction center blog - drug addiction treatment center

Dealing with the Past After Leaving Rehab

By on Jun 17, 2013 in Blog

image of a highway leading back to infinity - dealing with the past after leaving rehab- victory addiction center blog - drug addiction treatment center

Every single person on this planet has a past and history.

Even from the moment you are born there is a story that tells where you came from and how you came to be. Negative aspect of the past often cause us difficulty on our path to recovery from addiction.

Many people look to their past to define who they are. Others believe they are doomed to repeat what they have done and are overwhelmed. This is giving the past too much credit. While it is tough to let go, holding on can and will hinder attempts to start over again.

The truth is that the past is dead and gone, so there is no need to focus on it. This doesn’t mean we won’t have to deal with skeletons in our closets or face repercussions of past actions, however. When we cause harm and pain to others, it is important to take responsibility for our actions and, if possible, atone for them.

The fact remains that we should never allow our past to derail us or our sobriety. Even though acknowledging and dealing with the debris from our histories can be extremely painful, there is much comfort and solace that can be taken in resolving, moving forward, and letting go. We must challenge the idea that somehow our past can be a barrier strong enough to keep us from continuing on to a better place in our lives.

While there is no one tried and tested way to approach dealing with a checkered history, here are some tips and hints to keep in mind while you forge a way to effective recovery after leaving rehab.

Take your time

Your history has literally taken you your whole life to create. You don’t have to deal with it all in a day. Take your time to slowly work through whatever trials you have to face.

Live in the present

You exist in the present, so live in the present. Do not become tied down in bad memories and old decisions. Focus on being who you are now, because it is the one thing you can change.

Seek support

If you still find yourself being overwhelmed by your past after leaving rehab, seek the support of those around you. If you have trouble standing alone, find those who will stand with you.

-Andrea Rayburn

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