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Drug Addiction Center Near Metairie Terrace

Drug Addiction Center Near Metairie Terrace - Mississippi river bridge - victory addiction recovery centerIf you or someone you love is in need of a drug addiction center near Metairie Terrace, look no further.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center (VARC) is located in Lafayette, which is a little over a 2-hour drive away from Metairie Terrace. Detoxing from drugs can be one of the most intense aspects of treatment. Many of us have tried to do this on our own and are met with one more failed attempt at sobriety after another. There is definitely hope in the dismal lifestyle that accompanies addiction. Our drug addiction center near Metairie Terrace will help you discover that you don’t need drugs to live life. Our dedicated staff of health care professionals, qualified counselors and addiction specialists will work with you to help understand the impact addiction is having on your life. If you have even the slightest bit of willingness, you are off to an amazing start.

Our drug addiction center near Metairie Terrace will help educate both the family and the addict.

There is much more beneath the surface of addiction, and the family normally suffers in silence. Addiction has a profound impact on relationships, but recovery can be just as impactful. There is a great deal of healing that needs to take place, regardless of who is entering into sobriety. The loved one of the addict has been in agony, wondering when the next debacle will occur. Our drug addiction center near Metairie Terrace will help introduce you to life skills and tools for successful living in sobriety. Active addiction is similar to being trapped in time, where we rarely progress and more often than not, digress drastically. This does not have to be your story. Victory Addiction Recovery Center can help you see your true potential and understand that there is so much more to living than chasing that next high.

For more information about VARC’s addiction treatment center in Louisiana, contact us anytime at (337) 456-9111 or you may email us.