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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center Near Laplace

If you or someone you love are suffering with chemical dependency and have decided to seek professional help, Victory Addiction Recovery Center can help. VARC is a drug and alcohol recovery center near Laplace, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center Near Laplace - Mississippi river bridge - victory addiction recovery centerWe offer drug and alcohol detox, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment options. Our compassionate and expert staff is dedicated to helping you and your family fully recover from addiction.

Victory Addiction Recovery Centers offers our clients a full continuum of substance abuse care, beginning with detoxification. Individuals who undergo the detox process will be cared for around the clock by our expert and compassionate team of healthcare professionals.

After individuals have completed the detox process and have begun to heal physically, they will transition into our residential program. Our drug and alcohol recovery center near Laplace employs a combination of effective treatment methods, both clinical and holistic. The inpatient program includes individual, group and gender-specific therapy and education. Clients will also benefit from 12-Step meetings, spirituality and meditation groups, physical training, and dietary guidance. VARC’s residential phase can range from two weeks to 45 days, depending on the individual needs of the client.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is the next phase of treatment, and it gives clients the advantage of evening classes. IOP provides individuals with the opportunity to continue learning new skills and techniques that will aid them in their newfound recovery. The intensive outpatient program at VARC is held 3 nights each week for 12 weeks. In addition to inpatient and IOP, we offer aftercare services, where clients may continue to attend one outpatient group session per week for up to a year after successfully completing our IOP program. VARC’s alumni group serves as a network of support to individuals on their journey to lifelong recovery, and all clients who have completed our other programs are invited to participate in our alumni functions.

For more information about VARC’s drug and alcohol recovery center near Laplace, please call and speak with someone today at (337) 456.9111.