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the fight against addiction - addiction on a hanging sack - victory addiction recovery center

The Fight Against Addiction

By on Jan 12, 2017 in Addiction, Blog

the fight against addiction - addiction on a hanging sack - victory addiction recovery centerThe fight against addiction is both external and internal.

Internally, the addicted person is waging war against themselves, wanting to end the vicious cycle but not knowing how.

They vow this time they might be able to use responsibly and still maintain some semblance of control. This is met with another failed attempt because addiction is not a matter of willpower or control. It is the complete loss of control, and no amount of willpower can overcome the depths of destruction the disease can cause. Sometimes the fight against addiction is no longer a struggle because the person has lost the will to live. They are merely using and not caring whether they live or die. Many people have reached these depths but have survived and made it through to the other side. Anyone can find the light. It starts with surrender and willingness.

Externally, the fight against addiction consumes family and loved ones who are helpless and hopeless.

Most people don’t expect to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, yet addiction is a progressive illness that baffles and bewilders family members and destroys countless lives. Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous teaches us how powerful addiction can be. Ask anyone who has seen a family member gain a bit of sobriety just to turn around and go right back to the drugs or bottle.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the fight against addiction.

For the person who is suffering from the disease, many treatment facilities offer life-saving detox, residential treatment, structure, and therapy.

There is also a solution for the family who undoubtedly suffers, as well. Just as the person with the addiction receives care, so does the family. Many accredited treatment facilities offer family education classes and therapy to help the family heal afterward. There are also beautiful fellowships that allow those affected by the disease of addiction to uplift, inspire, and encourage one another. Whether you are the person internally struggling with the fight against addiction or the helpless loved one on the outside, there is a solution and, more importantly, there is hope.

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