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Importance of a Sponsor in Recovery

By on May 27, 2016 in Blog, Recovery

importance of a sponsor in recovery - women talking - victory addiction recovery centerHaving a sponsor helps a person in recovery build trust and practice healthy relationships.

Participating in a 12-Step recovery program requires more than just going to meetings and reading the literature. For a successful recovery program, it is recommended (more than once) to find someone willing to serve as your sponsor. This person will become a vital part of your recovery. Many newcomers have a hard time sharing personal fears, insecurities, and secrets with a group of strangers. It may feel easier to talk with one trusted mentor.

People in early sobriety feel fragile, and they may have never experienced the true joy of having a healthy relationship. A good sponsor will be patient, compassionate, and positive as they lead by example and share their own experience, strength, and hope. This helps ease anxieties that come with early recovery. After time, the newcomer will feel more comfortable and begin to feel that they are not alone. This sense of belonging is essential and is what 2-Step programs thrive on.

With the building of trust, the sponsor/sponsee relationship blossoms into more than just friendship.

A sponsor serves as a mentor and an important guide to the main tool of sobriety: the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Working the 12 Steps helps to loosen the grip of addiction in order to find serenity.

A sponsor will share their experience, lead by example, provide the tools of the program, and demonstrate how to live in the moment. That sounds like a lot of work, but when you apply the principals of the program to everyday life, they begin to feel like second nature. Although sponsorship can be time-consuming, it’s truly a gift and a strong foundation of AA. Those that have worked the steps themselves and have the opportunity to sponsor a newcomer continue to gain perspective on their own recovery journey. More information on sponsorship and AA meetings may be found by contacting your local Alcoholics Anonymous district office.

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