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Louisiana Drug Addiction Treatment Center

If you are ready to make a positive life change, Victory Addiction Recovery Center is ready to help.

Louisiana Drug Addiction Treatment Center - victory addiction recovery center

Our Louisiana drug addiction treatment center is dedicated to helping individuals create new lives full of hope, promise and freedom.  VARC offers clients a full continuum of care, beginning with detoxification and following through with both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment.

Clients who require medical detox will receive the very best care possible.  Our team of professionals will deliver expert and compassionate treatment around the clock to ensure your detox experience is both safe and comfortable.  At our Louisiana drug addiction treatment center, we understand the anxieties associated with treatment, and we will walk you through the entire process.  The next level of care Victory provides is our inpatient program.  The inpatient program offers individuals several effective ways of recovering from addiction, including individual, group and gender-specific therapy, educational classes, access to 12-Step meetings and spirituality and meditation groups.

VARC clients will also benefit from holistic therapy, such as physical training, and dietary guidance.

Our inpatient program is designed to address and heal the entire person.  Victory’s drug abuse treatment center in Louisiana also offers clients the option of outpatient therapy, also referred to as IOP.  IOP classes are offered in the evening, allowing clients the added advantage of flexibility.  These sessions combine group, individual and family therapy with education, relapse prevention, spirituality, 12-Steps and a variety of other topics. With the added support of our outpatient program, the transition from residential treatment to other environments is more successful.  VARC also provides the option of aftercare, allowing clients the opportunity to continue coming to outpatient group sessions once per week for up to a year after completing our IOP program.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people achieve freedom from addiction.

At our Louisiana drug addiction treatment center, our goal is full family recovery.  The VARC facility houses a state-of-the-art auditorium where guest speakers present on a variety of topics, and we also host support groups and other events, providing a family-friendly and substance-free environment.

For more information about VARC’s Louisiana drug addiction treatment center, call (337) 379-7700 anytime or you may email us.