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Louisiana Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

Louisiana Opiate Addiction Treatment Center - drug addiction rehab and detoxIf you are considering addiction treatment for either yourself or your loved one, Victory Addiction Recovery Center can help.  The decision to seek help is a monumental one, and finding the rehab that will best suit your needs is important as well.  Victory is a Louisiana opiate addiction treatment center that is dedicated to full family recovery.

Our expert and compassionate team of healthcare professionals at our Louisiana opiate addiction treatment center will see you or your loved one all the way through, beginning with medical detox and ending with outpatient programs.

Let us help get you started on the road to recovery.

Our Louisiana opiate addiction treatment center is located in Lafayette, in the heart of Acadiana.  Clients will be admitted and given a thorough evaluation before beginning treatment.  Our most intensive form of treatment is alcohol and drug detox, where individuals are safely and comfortably withdrawn from all substances, including alcohol.  It is vital for individuals to be physically healed before we can begin making progress with the rest of the program.

Victory’s Inpatient Treatment program is a treatment phase where clients can begin to heal mentally and emotionally. 

All clients in our residential program will benefit from individual, group and gender-specific therapy and education, as well as spirituality and meditation groups, physical training, dietary guidance and 12-step meetings.  Victory’s Louisiana opiate addiction treatment center typically sees clients enrolled in our inpatient program for as little as two weeks or up to 45 days.

The next phase of treatment is our Outpatient Program, which provides individuals with continued support.

This phase teaches clients how to begin adjusting to being back at home, work, school, etc.  Our IOP is held at night and combines group, individual and family therapy with education, relapse prevention, spirituality and Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step study.  During their time with us at Victory, our clients gain the tools and the confidence they need to successfully navigate early recovery and make a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

In addition, Victory Addiction Recovery Center’s Louisiana opiate addiction treatment center offers clients the opportunity to continue coming to outpatient group sessions once per week, for up to a year, after successful completion of the IOP program.

If you or your loved one are ready to make a change, but have questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to call us.  We can be reached at (337) 379.7700, and we look forward to becoming part of your healing journey.  Call us today!