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Overcoming Addiction Stigmas for a Successful Recovery

By on Feb 5, 2016 in Addiction, Blog

overcoming addiction stigmas for a successful recovery - addiction - victory addiction recovery centerThere are many stigmas associated with addiction that can discourage people from pursuing recovery.

One stigma is that addiction is a failure of willpower or morality. This is simply not true. Addiction is a disease. Just like a person with cancer does not wish to be sick, a person suffering with addiction does not wish for it.

There is no magic cure for addiction, but there is a way to live a meaningful life free from addiction.

Inpatient treatment is one of the best forms of overcoming addiction stigmas for a successful recovery. Here you will see that addiction does not only affect people living on the streets, but it also affects successful businessmen and women, mothers, fathers, all genders, and all races. Addiction knows no boundaries. Staying connected to the recovery community and other like-minded individuals can help people realize that even though they might struggle with the disease of addiction, there is a path to recovery.

Addiction does not define you.

In fact, it can become the impetus for you to build a successful and meaningful life. Through the ashes of defeat, you can emerge victorious. People with addition are not bad people; they are sick people trying to get better. Addiction treatment and twelve-step programs like AA are not just for people who need it but people who want it.

Getting treatment and continuing with it is what keeps you in long-term recovery.

Overcoming addiction stigmas for a successful recovery requires that you do not fall back into self-pity or guilt. Most people have done things in active addiction they are not proud of. Beating yourself up does nothing to ensure your sobriety. As the Big Book says, we do not regret the past, nor do we wish to shut the door on it. Living in the now is paramount for overcoming addiction stigmas for a successful recovery.

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