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Overcoming Drug Addiction

By on Oct 29, 2015 in Addiction, Blog, Recovery

overcoming drug addiction - hands - victory addiction recovery centerDrug addiction can seem like a hopeless state of mind and body, with no end in sight. The truth is, people are overcoming drug addiction every day, and they once felt as helpless and hopeless as the people who are still struggling.

Overcoming drug addiction is possible, and maintaining long-term sobriety can become a new way of life. The beauty of recovery is that we all come from different backgrounds, no two stories exactly alike, but we all share the same common peril. It is often suggested to people new to recovery to look for the similarities instead of the differences. We are fighting the disease together, like soldiers on a battlefield. There is amazing strength found within a group of people working together at overcoming drug addiction. We can share our experience, strength, and hope with one another. We can cry together during the hard times and celebrate together during the triumphs. There is much joy and laughter in recovery.

Overcoming drug addiction can also help you understand what your deep-seated fears are.

When we overcome these fears, we gain a new sense of personal freedom and empowerment. Our fears do not have to define us, just like our addiction does not have to define us. There are successful people walking amongst us as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals who once had to work at overcoming drug addiction.

Drug addiction does not care about your skin color, gender, income level, or any other factors. It can affect anyone. If you are struggling with addiction, it does not mean that you are weak or lacking willpower. Addiction has nothing to do with willpower, contrary to what a lot of people say. Reaching out for help through inpatient treatment or outpatient programs, or through the AA community can be the first step. No one chooses to suffer from addiction; it is not a lifestyle we strive to obtain as children. You deserve to be happy, joyous, and free and this is not possible when your life is controlled by drugs and alcohol. Fighting the fight alone rarely produces positive results, but when you band together with people who understand you and have been where you have been, your chances of success increase greatly.

If you or someone you love needs help overcoming addiction, please contact us anytime at 337.456.9111.

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