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Professionals in Recovery

By on Oct 25, 2016 in Blog, Recovery

professionals in recovery - group therapy - victory addiction recovery centerVictory Addiction Recovery Center understands the unique challenges that professionals in healthcare face concerning addiction disorders.

Medical professionals are often faced with long work hours, overwhelming stress, and decisions that can threaten a patient’s life. They may seek drugs to stay awake for long shifts or to cope with the emotional stress of the profession. Since they have easier access to prescriptions than the general population, there is no question as to why so many healthcare professionals fall into addiction.

Individuals that are in professional fields may stay in denial about their addiction for a long time.

When we are keeping up with our job and our responsibilities, we can kid ourselves into believing that we do not have a problem. Before I sought help, I fell into this category. I was a recently divorced mother of five, working two jobs and finishing up my second master’s degree.

I went from a few drinks here and there into a downward spiral with alcohol. I lived in denial for a long time because I did not ‘lose’ anything.

As a matter of fact, I earned my degree, I secured a job in my field, and kept a second job. The bills were getting paid, and the children were doing well. Slowly, over time, I found myself physically addicted. I could not stop drinking without having withdrawal symptoms. I felt that I could not tell anyone for risk of losing everything that I worked so hard to attain. Even though I had not lost anything on the outside, I had lost myself. This is the struggle of many professionals.

An estimated 100,000 healthcare professionals abuse prescription and illicit drugs, so do not think that you are alone. One in ten physicians fall into drug or alcohol abuse at some point in their careers.

According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Sources Administration, the percentage of nurses that abuse prescription drugs are as follows:

  • 8.3% in psychiatry
  • 7.9% in the medical and surgical field
  • 7.8% in ER
  • 7.3% in the operating room
  • 7.2% in adult critical care
  • 5.9% in pediatric critical care
  • 4.7% in gerontology

At Victory Addiction Recovery Center, we offer doctors and nurses privacy and programs that help them recover from an addiction while ensuring they do not lose their license. We offer professional, holistic residential programs that have 24/7 care for detoxing safely and learning new coping skills. We also have Intensive Outpatient Programs for those who have less chronic addictions and seek to keep working while receiving treatment. Our programs are individualized, meeting your personal needs for recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, you are not alone. The sooner you get into treatment, the better your life will become. Call now for a free consultation – (337) 456.9111.

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