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Respect During Recovery

By on Aug 19, 2013 in Blog

friends bike riding down a path into the woods - respect during recovery - victory addiction recovery center - addiction treatment facility in lafayette louisianaIt is common for those who embark on the road to recovery to have lost a lot of self-respect. More than likely, others have lost a lot of respect for them as well. However, now that the journey of recovery has begun, respect for oneself and respect from others becomes a fundamental part of maintaining sobriety.

In respecting ourselves during recovery, we give ourselves strength. We must learn to recognize and appreciate our successes in the present and give credit where credit is due. In this way, by not dwelling on the past, we can learn to respect who we are in the present. With every positive step and every moment of strength over addiction, we should also focus on the strength we have and respect ourselves for it.

You aren’t the only one who will have to work to redevelop this respect during recovery, however. Your loved ones, friends, and family will all need to be given time to spend around you and observe your new direction. The process of salvaging respect can be expedited through the keeping of promises, doing as you say, sticking to schedules, and being strong. In turn, you will find that the strength you show in recovery begets respect, which in turn begets more strength.

We must strive to be honest and reliable. When we act with integrity, treat others as we would like to be treated, and follow through on commitments, we give ourselves and others reasons to believe in us. And with that, admiration and respect during recovery will follow.

-Andrea Rayburn

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