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Sober Bars: A Rising Trend

By on Aug 26, 2016 in Blog, Recovery

sober bars - young women at bar - victory addiction recovery centerSober bars are a rising trend in the USA and other parts of the world.

Sober bars are places for people in and out of recovery to socialize without the obnoxious effects of excessive alcohol or drugs. These places are safe for those in recovery and a great way to stay connected to the sobriety scene. Many people think that the fun stops once sobriety starts, but this is hardly the truth. People working a program of recovery and in fit spiritual condition can be an enjoyable and downright entertaining group of individuals.

Sober bars are allowing people in recovery a chance to safely mingle and enjoy night life without the distractions conventional bars provide.

When you are trying to change your people, places, and things, you might be hesitant to go out to a bar that serves alcohol. One of the best pieces of advice offered in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous is to ask yourself if you have a good reason to be where you are. You probably don’t have a good reason to be in a bar or club that serves alcoholic beverages, but you can find several good reasons to be in a sober bar: to meet others in the sober community, to have fun, to relax.

Those in recovery are not the only people frequenting sober bars. Many people are more health conscious and prefer juice crawls to pub crawls, and some people just don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol. For those who are in long-term recovery and whose serenity depends on abstinence, these sober bars are lifelines to fellowship and socialization. One of the worst places to be as someone in recovery is in isolation. Whatever the reason may be for wanting to have a safe, enjoyable night out, sober bars and nonalcoholic community events are great ways to meet others who do not drink or use, regardless of the reasons why.

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