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what is dry drunk syndrome - holding bomb - victory addiction recovery center

What is Dry Drunk Syndrome?

By on Mar 3, 2016 in Blog

what is dry drunk syndrome - holding bomb - victory addiction recovery center

There are two types of sober people.

The first type has found out how to maintain a high level of serenity in their lives regardless of any situation they find themselves in. The second type is physically sober from drugs and alcohol but continue to suffer from emotional swings. Even though they are no longer consuming substances, they still carry the same tired thinking errors they had while actively drinking and using.

These people still live under the stressful and dangerous ethos of self-reliance.

While someone who has a strong sense of spirituality in their life can find peace regardless of their circumstances, someone without this grounding bases their happiness on the world giving them what they want. When their significant others are behaving the way they desire and their co-workers are doing their jobs well, these people can be quite pleasant. However, if one thing doesn’t go the way they had hoped or planned, they can turn into an emotional train wreck at a moment’s notice.

Though not drinking or using, people who are not emotional sober are prone to act out in other compulsive behaviors.

They may gamble, overeat, exercise excessively, participate in over-consumption of caffeine and nicotine, or become workaholics. These behaviors are simply coping mechanisms that serve as a replacement for drugs and alcohol–and can eventually lead to relapse.

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