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Why Are Drugs So Addicting?

By on Oct 7, 2016 in Addiction, Blog

why are drugs so addicting - woman with heroin needle - victory addiction recovery centerAs someone recovering from drug addiction, I’m often asked, “Why are drugs so addicting?”

Leaving the scientific reasoning to the scientists and addiction specialists, I will speak of my own addiction experience. Here’s how I spiraled out of control.

In the beginning of my addiction:

You: Why are drugs so addicting?
Me: I don’t find them addicting. I just like to smoke pot and drink. I like how they make me feel, sexy and funnier. This is simple partying and having a good time. It’s what people my age do when we go out. We all just like to get into another world and live it up. It’s only on the weekends and occasionally a happy hour during the week – but that’s work stuff, so it shouldn’t count, right?

In the middle of my addiction:

You: Why are drugs so addicting?
Me: Well, I’m not addicted to them, but I do feel better when I have a little buzz. It takes the edge off, you know? A couple of drinks a week and drinking on the weekend–it’s normal. Yes, I’ve tried heroin, but I have rules about it. I’ll never use a needle – that’s serious drugging. I only smoke occasionally on the weekends when I am not scheduled to work on a Monday. I’ve never missed work from partying, so I know I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Toward the end of my addiction:

You: Why are drugs so addicting?
Me: I like having a little buzz – I get more done and find I can handle things better. Drugs also help if I don’t feel well. Sometimes smoking will get rid of a headache. Sure, I can get a little demanding when I want more, but that usually passes when I get what I want. I use a little more than I used to, but I’m going through a lot right now – a serious break-up and job security issues. It’s totally understandable. If people would just leave me alone and stop bugging me about MY life, I could get through this.

At the end of my addiction:

You: Why are drugs so addicting?
Me: I don’t know and I really don’t care. They help me breathe and live. I didn’t want it to be like this, but it’s just the way it is. I wake up, have a shot of Vodka to stop the shakes and use throughout the day to get to bed at night. I’m miserable, lonely and sad. Sometimes I just want to fly away.

Addiction is a progressive disease that without treatment will worsen over time. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, please contact your primary care physician or an addiction specialist for help.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center can help you overcome the progressive disease of addiction. Contact us anytime at (337) 379.7700.

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