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Addiction Rehab Family Programs

By on Sep 2, 2016 in Addiction, Blog | 0 comments

addiction rehab family programs - family in hands - victory addiction recovery centerAddiction is often referred to as a “family disease”, because even when a single family member is using or drinking, the whole family usually suffers.

Because of this, it is extremely common for family members to take on the role of trying to fix or save the addict or alcoholic in their lives.  Since an addicted person can only truly recover when they have made the decision and take the actions, turmoil is created within the family system.  Resentments are bred and grow with a ferocious speed, demolishing relationships and causing each individual to become sick along with the addict.

When the person or persons in a family who are chemically dependent have begun the rehabilitation process, many families think everything is on the right track.

Meaning, if the addict gets help, all will be well and their lives can return to a healthy and normal state.  This is most often not true, and the affected family members continue to suffer.  Drug and alcohol treatment centers have become a place of recovery for not only the chemically addicted individual, but family members and close friends as well.  Addiction rehab family programs are an incredibly effective tool to help those closely entwined in the lives of the addict.  No one can guarantee that the addict or alcoholic will get clean and stay that way.  Therefore, the resources that make recovery available to the family are indispensable.  Close family and friends of the addict can recover and be healthy, no matter what happens to the addict.  This is huge.  Addiction rehab family programs can help save the lives of those affected by addiction.

What do addiction rehab family programs entail?

These programs educate families about the disease of addiction and help them understand the different ways family members are affected.  Families of addicted persons learn how to protect themselves from further manipulation/abuse, begin setting healthy boundaries, work through the chaos they have been experiencing in the home, and rebuild trusting relationships.  Addiction rehab family programs often include therapy sessions that involve the whole family, as well as sessions without the addict present.  These programs are designed to support the family and significant others while their loved one is undergoing their own treatment.

If you are the loved one of a person addicted to drugs and alcohol, you deserve the opportunity to heal and stay healthy.  There are resources available and people waiting to help you move forward.  Please reach out today.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is here to help, please contact us anytime at (337) 456.9111.

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