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Community Forum: Intervention

By on Sep 27, 2013 in Blog

Victory Community Form Series - Has addiction taken control - Victory Addiction Recovery Center - www.myvictorycenter.comAny time an addiction appears to have taken control over your life or that of a loved one, a lot of questions always arise. Family members and friends may have questions like, “Do they need help?” “Should we seek a professional?” “What can I do?”

Often times, these are questions only professionals with years of experience in the intervention industry can answer. That is why Victory Addiction Recovery Center of Lafayette, Louisiana is offering a free seminar led by two very experienced interventionists with over 40 years of combined experience. Tom Buchmann and GT Owen, the founders of Wellness Interventions LLC., in Baton Rouge, believe that a successful intervention completely depends upon the family and support members’ level of education about the diseases of addiction and co-addiction.
This seminar will be the first of many to come in a community forum that will focus on a different topic every other Wednesday at VARC. The community forum begins Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:00 PM at Victory Addiction Recovery Center and will focus on intervention. Be sure to register today for this FREE seminar by emailing or calling us at (337) 456-9111.

-Andrea Rayburn/posts

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