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dui as a sign of addiction - pulled over by police - victory addiction recovery center

DUI as a Sign of Addiction

By on Jun 24, 2016 in Addiction, Blog

dui as a sign of addiction - pulled over by police - victory addiction recovery centerMany people are charged with driving under the influence. A question they may face afterwards is whether their DUI is a sign of addiction.

Depending on the circumstances, one might or might not see the DUI as a sign of addiction. Many people who are successful, healthy, and productive individuals like to go out and have a few drinks. They may make a bad decision one night and decide to get behind the wheel. Though that shows a lack of judgment, it does not necessarily mean they are suffering from addiction. While someone who is a hard drinker might experience some consequences from their alcohol misuse, they can moderate their drinking or stop entirely if they’re given sufficient reason.

If the person who received the DUI cannot stay sober when mandated by the courts, they may need to seriously examine their drinking.

A person who stops drinking after getting a DUI probably is not suffering from addiction. Addiction is a disease that hijacks the brain and makes it extremely difficult to stop using without intervention. However, if the DUI is part of a larger pattern of destruction going on the individual’s life, that person may need addiction treatment. If someone has had continued legal problems stemming from substance abuse and they are continuing to drink or use, there is a good chance they are addicted.

The real mark of whether or not someone is addicted to alcohol is whether or not they can control and enjoy their drinking. Someone who is addicted does not enjoy their drinking and cannot control it. Even in the face of a DUI, they will be unable to change their behavior.

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