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Facing the Financial Reality of Addiction

By on Dec 12, 2019 in Addiction, Blog |

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What is the true cost of addiction?

It’s too great to calculate. Substance use disorder can deplete your ability to work, damage your relationships, and devastate your finances. You know how hard it is to recover from addiction; overcoming the financial toll of years of use can be nearly as difficult.

While addiction treatment may seem like too much of an additional financial burden, getting treatment can help you and your family avoid financial ruin in the long run.

Addiction and Your Finances

Addiction and poor finances feed each other. Living in an economically disadvantaged environment is highly stressful, and this stress can lead to a desire to use drugs or alcohol as an escape. At the same time, addiction is expensive. The longer a person uses, the more of the drug they need, further increasing the cost.

For those who start out financially stable, addiction can quickly lead to financial ruin. It’s difficult to maintain a job when you are facing chemical dependency. Nothing–not even showing up to work on time and sober–feels more important than getting high. Losing a job to addiction is not uncommon. Employers cannot take on the liability risks of maintaining employees who are not sober. Losing a job makes it harder to find new work.

Addiction puts strain on relationships. A significant other may have to take on more of the financial responsibility within the family unit to keep a roof over your head. They may also have to work harder to take care of the children, shielding them from the addicted parent.

This cycle continues. Every day, things get a bit more difficult. Some people give up. Others recognize that there is help available to them and seek out recovery.

What Is Addiction Costing You?

If you’re dependent on drugs or alcohol, take a few minutes to consider how it is impacting your quality of life right now.

  • Do you have steady employment? Are you at risk of losing that job?
  • Have you lost opportunities for advancement because of your drug or alcohol use?
  • Are you facing legal complications from DUI or DWI? Do you have to pay an attorney to help you with your drug charges?
  • Have you overdosed? Is the cost of medical care in an emergency room taking a toll on your budget?
  • Do you use money meant for other needs, such as household costs, to support your habit?
  • Do you find yourself stealing money or hiding money so you can continue to support your habit?

If you see yourself in these questions, take action now. Seek out help for addiction so you can begin to pull through the financial limitations and get your life back on track.

Health Insurance May Help You

Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, LA, can help you determine if your health insurance will pay for your medical care and treatment. U.S. laws prohibit insurance companies from not providing coverage for substance use disorder and mental health disorders. Allow our team to verify that you have the ability to get financial help for detox and residential inpatient care.

More so, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides you with the ability to seek help for your immediate medical needs while protecting your position with your employer. This means you cannot lose your job while you receive care. Allow our team to help you apply for this type of protection. Learn about FMLA protection for your job while you work with our counselors on getting the care you need today.

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