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Loving a Person Who Suffers From Addiction

By on Dec 11, 2015 in Addiction, Blog

“Helpless” is one of the most frequently used words to describe what it feels like to love someone who suffers from addiction.

A Helpless Feeling

It’s like standing on the sidelines, wanting to get involved and help fight the battle, but continuing to get pushed back to the sidelines. People who are addicted are often practiced at the art of manipulation. In active addiction, people will do anything necessary to continue using uninterrupted. When they get sober, it’s often hard for them to think back on some of the horrendous things they did to the ones they love most. Loving someone with substance use disorder can be frustrating, to say the least, but also perplexing. When you so desperately want to help someone who doesn’t want help, it can feel like a losing battle. This is why interventions and education about addiction become so important.

loving an addict - woman hugging man - victory addiction recovery center

The disease of addiction is highly complex and detrimental to relationships.

Sometimes we try to show love to our addicted loved one by providing housing, groceries, money, and other items. In reality, this level of support just enables the behavior and causes more harm than good. Giving ultimatums, setting boundaries, and cutting a loved one off can seem extreme, but these things can actually save their lives. Also, consider getting outside help. This can come in the form of Al-anon, which is a support group for other people struggling with an addicted loved one. Interventions can be another useful tool. A licensed interventionist can help organize the family and friends, educate everyone on the disease of addiction, and help everyone understand what can and cannot happen anymore.

Interventions are done out of love and can save a person’s life.

Professional interventions can help ensure that your message to your loved one will get through. Many treatment facilities offer these intervention services. If you think your loved one’s using or drinking has reached dangerous levels, contact a reputable facility and get accurate information about an intervention. Show your love by setting boundaries and taking action.

If you are seeking help for a loved one trapped in addiction, please contact us anytime at 337.456.9111.

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