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Busting the Most Common Myths About Drug Addiction Treatment

Busting the Most Common Myths About Drug Addiction Treatment

By on Nov 9, 2023 in Drug Addiction

Drug addiction treatment is an effective, proven strategy to help people stop misusing substances. Like any other type of treatment for disease, it can be hard to know what will work best for you. If you are facing addiction, you may be in a fight for your life. You need professional care that enables you to have your best chance at recovery.

The following are some of the most common myths people believe that, in some cases, limit their willingness to enter into a drug treatment center. Yet there’s nothing to fear and so much opportunity for a brighter future when you take this step.

  • Myth 1: Addiction Doesn’t Get Better, So Why Get Care?

A common mistake is believing that addiction is a life-long journey without hope. The reality is that with the right strategies and treatment, your brain can unlearn addictive behavior and start on a path of making better decisions. There’s no cure for addiction, but many people who go through treatment see profound change.

Overcoming addiction can make life much better:

  • Your health can improve.
  • Your mental health can improve.
  • You can rebuild stronger relationships.
  • You may recover passions and dreams you once had.
  • You may live longer.

It is hard work. There could be instances of relapse. Studies reported by the National Institute of Health show that those who receive inpatient drug addiction treatment have a relapse rate of just 45%, while those in outpatient care relapse 56% of the time. Those who put the time into recovery see their lives improve.

  • Myth 2: If You Really Want To, You Can Just Stop Using Substances

Some people believe there’s no need to go into treatment for substance abuse disorder (SUD). They think that if a person wants to stop, all they need to do is just – stop. Yet, with a disease that impacts the brain like addiction does, stopping on your own is rarely possible. Your brain controls everything you do, from breathing and heartbeat to the decision to use a drug or not.

The decisions you make are powered by what the brain has learned in the past, and when it has been exposed to drugs, it believes those substances are the best source of pleasure. It seeks them out time and time again. When you are not getting the substance, your brain creates intense withdrawal symptoms, affecting your thoughts and physical sensations. The National Institutes of Health shares that drugs can “hijack” the pleasure and reward circuits in your brain, making it so difficult to stop using substances.

In drug addiction treatment, physical and mental health interventions will help change the way your brain processes these substances.

  • Myth #3: You Only Need Addiction Treatment for “Hard” Drugs

It’s often necessary to seek out professional drug addiction treatment for what many people call hard drugs, like methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin. However, other drugs can create the same type of brain-changing demand and intense withdrawal symptoms.

If you are using substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or opioid painkillers, a drug treatment center can provide you with the support you need to stop misusing these substances. If you feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop using these substances, seek out professional treatment.

  • Myth #4: As a Family Member, I Can’t Do Anything

Family members may become very frustrated and even overwhelmed as their loved ones continue drug or alcohol use. While it’s not common that you can force someone into treatment, there are a lot of things you can do to help get them into care.

As a family member, consider the following:

  • Consulting an inpatient treatment center about availability and insurance coverage for your loved one.
  • Setting up a simple virtual or in-person consultation with your loved one and the treatment center to get information.
  • Providing your family member with reassurance in how you will help, such as visiting and calling during treatment and supporting them emotionally after treatment.

If your loved one needs help and isn’t willing to get into care, reach out to our admissions team to learn how we can assist.

  • Myth #5: Drug Treatment Is Too Expensive

Take a moment to consider costs. Typically, health insurance policies can cover the cost of treatment. Even if you do not have insurance, other tools may be available to help minimize the financial burden of care.

The other factor to consider is the impact that just four weeks of addiction treatment can have. The time and money you invest in your care can be life-changing, creating opportunities for living longer, enjoying better health, and building relationships you want to have.

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