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Standing Together in Recovery

By on Jun 20, 2013 in Blog

a black and white photo of three individuals standing together - victory addiction treatment center blog - standing together in recovery

The beginning of the journey to recovery is often a very emotional time for all those who are familiar with it. In fact, it is often an experience that overwhelms many with an array of different emotions. It is not easy to compare this transition to any other change we’ve had in our lifetimes, as it is quite a unique path to walk.

One of the more common feelings to materialize in this time of emotional turmoil is the feeling of being completely and totally alone. We assume that the people in our lives can’t fully understand or sympathize, as they haven’t been through the many trials and tribulations we have. And maybe we also believe that those around us also on the path to recovery didn’t have it as bad as we did or that they were in some way more privileged than us. There is no avoiding disparaging feelings, especially in early recovery when we are still very vulnerable.

It is important when experiencing these fears that we fully understand how short-sighted we are being. Those people around us don’t necessarily have to fully understand our pain or plight to want to help and show compassion and understanding. And those around us on the road to recovery often have much more in common with us than we imagine. If nothing else, similar experiences and a common shared goal draw us together and unite us.

Solidarity is loosely defined as unity of a group that creates or is formed based on shared interests, objectives, or interests. The strength in solidarity is truly powerful and should not be underestimated. In unison with others, we can live each day of our lives following the footsteps of others while helping pave the way to recovery by sharing encouragement, wisdom, and experience with each other. Standing alone on the path to recovery is simply not a very good option when there are so many people around you ready and willing to prove that you are not alone.

-Andrea Rayburn

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