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What Happens in Rehab? Answering Your Common Questions

By on Apr 6, 2022 in Addiction, Blog

3-D looking illustration of small people and the words question and FAQ - treatment

It’s not often easy to decide to enter into addiction treatment. It may mean significant changes to your current routine and comfort level. It also means stepping away from life as you know it to create a potentially different future. As complicated as addiction is, sometimes the hardest part is not knowing what to expect when you leave home to find treatment.

Things to Consider About Treatment

Consider a few questions many people ask about treatment and what’s going to happen to them.

What Is the Treatment Plan for Addiction?

Sometimes people think there is one set of steps that need to be followed to help a person recover from addiction. That’s generally not the case. Rather, we work to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. The type of drugs you are using, the length of time you’ve been using them, and your physical health are all factors that determine what your treatment will entail.

Why Can’t Drug Treatment Happen at Home?

Leaving home is perhaps the hardest decision for some people. Leaving family and friends is not simple, but it tends to be necessary for those with moderate to severe addiction. It enables you to step away from life (a life that may have put you on this path) so you can focus on recovery. A drastic change like residential treatment allows you to start recovery and create a new path forward.

Is Drug Rehab Like a Hospital?

When you enter into treatment, you’ll receive an orientation that will help you understand the expectations, rules, and daily schedule. However, residential treatment is not like a hospital stay. In most cases, you and a roommate will share a comfortable bedroom and bath. You’ll be able to do your laundry, work out at the exercise facilities, and enjoy home-cooked meals with the group. You’ll have an intense schedule of activities that includes therapy, group sessions, and education about addiction. Even though the setting will be home-like, it will still have all of the resources needed in case complications arise. You can feel safe.

Will I Be Able to See My Family in Addiction Treatment?

It’s often hard to think about being away from loved ones for weeks. But you are not cut off from family and friends during treatment. In fact, family has a role in the treatment process for many people. You can have phone calls outside of structured activities you’ll be engaged in during your care. Your family will also be able to visit once a week. Family educational programs will be available to help your loved ones learn about addiction and what you’re going through in recovery. They will learn their own role in the recovery process.

Will I Just Get Put on Other Drugs in Addiction Treatment?

That’s not always the case. Sometimes medications are used during detox to ensure as painless an experience as possible and to regulate any physical complications that may occur. But the goal of treatment is to break any dependence on habit-forming substances.

With ongoing assessment, the treatment team will create a plan that’s right for you. You may discover that certain non-addictive medications will help ease any mental health disorders or physical ailments you have. All of this can be managed by your care team – and you’ll always be a part of the decision about the type of care that you want and need.

What Is a Day in Rehab Like?

Treatment may vary each day, but you’ll be given a daily schedule that will keep you busy. Your schedule will likely include individual and group therapy sessions, holistic treatments, addiction education sessions, recreational time, and skill development classes. In addition to this, you’ll engage in a wide range of activities, which may include morning meditation, exercise programs, and spirituality groups. You have the ability to choose activities that you like and want to do. It’s not uncommon to find time to relax and work on your personal goals as well.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Drug Addiction Help?

Addiction treatment begins when you reach out for help. You’re making the decision to change your future for the better. We’re here to help you.

You can take a few minutes now to learn more about our programs. Then, contact us. We’ll schedule time for you to have an assessment to determine what your medical and mental health needs are. Then, we’ll develop a treatment plan for you. We’re here to help you today. All you have to do is to speak to our compassionate counselors.

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