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Ways to Have Fun Sober

By on Aug 17, 2015 in Addiction, Alcoholism, Blog, Recovery

ways to have fun sober - happy girls watching movie - my victory centerPeople in addiction recovery are sometimes tempted to reminisce about the few times that their drinking and using was enjoyable. But those times were likely few and far between. In reality, addiction perpetuates misery and destruction. Life in active addiction is anything but fun. Still, it be hard for someone in addiction treatment to imagine how they will ever have fun while sober.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to have fun sober, especially when connecting with people who share your common peril. Instead of grungy bars, you can go to clean coffee shops with a friend and talk for hours about anything and everything you could imagine. Being involved in a fellowship of people in recovery creates a sense of belonging and is just one of the many ways to have fun sober.

“Birthday night” is also a great way to have fun sober. Many recovery support groups meet either once a week or once a month to celebrate yearly increments of sobriety, also known as birthday night. There is food, laughter, and celebration, and you never have to worry about being yourself because you are surrounded by those just like you. Birthday night is definitely a way to have fun sober.

Imagine being able to go to concerts, movies, or other venues with sober friends and actually enjoying and remembering what took place. You don’t have to wake up and wonder what awful thing may or may not have happened the night before. These things are possible in sobriety.

In recovery you can create genuine relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime. People in the recovery community want to see each other succeed. There is nothing more enjoyable than going out to eat with a large group of people in recovery, which many groups do on a regular basis. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that, “We are not a glum lot.” Find a group you feel comfortable with, and you will definitely see the truth of that statement.

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