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What Happens During 90-Day Drug Treatment?

By on Oct 6, 2023 in Blog

The thought of leaving home for 90 days can be very scary, but what if, during that time, you could reconnect, heal, and become the person you want to be? For many people, drug and alcohol addiction treatment begins with inpatient or residential treatment. This type of therapy can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 90 days, depending on your needs.

To give you an idea of what a 90-day drug and alcohol treatment program looks like, let’s explore what happens during those months. Keep in mind that we provide individualized treatment programs for each person. So while we can’t provide an exact description of what you’ll experience, we can describe the foundational components of our program. 

Detox May Start the Process

Many people with addiction need to spend a week to 10 days in a detox program. If you are actively using substances and physically dependent on them, you will likely need to detox before moving on to the treatment program. In detox, you will receive support and care as we focus on helping you navigate withdrawal safely and with the least amount of discomfort possible. 

Healing Your Brain

Addiction is a disease that impacts the structure and function of the brain, and while some of that damage may never go away, we can provide your body with the nutrients and healing tools it needs to see improvement.

How do we do that?

  • Nutrition: You’ll eat nutrient-rich foods that are designed to support your body’s healing.
  • Rest: You’ll have time to relax and rest, as well as get a good night’s sleep.
  • Recreation: Treatment isn’t all work. Fun and play are important, and we provide opportunities for both. 
  • Education: Empowering your long-term recovery means educating you about addiction and relapse so you can make informed decisions and better understand what triggers your addiction. 
  • Socializing: You’ll learn how to socialize with others without substances, and in the process form meaningful friendships that can last after treatment ends. 
  • Spirituality: We encourage you to seek spirituality in the way it works for you, and we support you on that path.

Healing your brain is a big part of the treatment process, and all of these activities contribute. Yet you’ll also need to learn more about what led to your addiction and how to manage stress and other triggers going forward.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Therapy

Therapy happens in two main ways: individually and in a group. During your 90-day treatment program, you’ll participate in both kinds of therapy and work to address your specific needs and concerns. Your therapy sessions may address the following: 

  • Uncovering why you used drugs or alcohol
  • Understanding how your home or work environment impacts you
  • Developing new coping methods for stress and anxiety
  • Learning how to control negative thoughts and behaviors
  • Learning how to work through trauma 
  • Developing skills to prevent relapse

Our counselors keep your sessions confidential, which means you can talk about and work through anything you are facing. That could be overcoming the implications of post-traumatic stress disorder if you’re a veteran or navigating help for bipolar disorder.

In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive family therapy program. Three months is a long time to live away from family, but you’ll be able to see and talk with them regularly. Your family therapist can help you work through obstacles in the relationships. 

Building a Strong Future After Addiction

During your 90-day treatment, you’ll improve your skills for dealing with the challenges of your future. That means you’ll develop coping methods and strategies for overcoming stress, get help with transitioning back to work or school, and learn how to rebuild relationships.

You can trust us to be there for you for the long term, too, including through:

  • A comprehensive alumni program designed to connect you with peer support
  • Continuing care after you leave therapy to support your long-term recovery
  • The CaredFor App that helps you engage with others and remain connected to your therapist over time

Contact Our Lafayette, LA, Facility Now

Let our team offer you insight into our 90-day program and give you information about how you can get started. You may find that now is the best time for you to embrace a future of healing and recovery. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.

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