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Mindfulness, How to Be More Mindful During Your Day,

5 Simple Mindfulness Tips to Incorporate Into Your Day

By on May 23, 2024 in Blog, Mental Health

Mindfulness is a principle of paying close attention to your thoughts and experiences and how they are impacting your actions. For addiction treatment and recovery, learning mindfulness is critical.

What Is Mindfulness, and Why Does It Matter for Addiction?

Mindfulness is bringing focused attention to what you’re doing, thinking, and feeling in the present moment. Mindfulness helps you calmly acknowledge difficult feelings, including cravings for substances. When you are fully present in your life, aware of who you are, where you are, and what is happening to you, you’ll be able to avoid overreacting or feeling overwhelmed by “what ifs.”

Studies, including those completed by the University of Texas and another by the University of Utah, continue to show the importance and value of incorporating mindfulness into your day if you are battling substance use disorder. Mindfulness and meditation are more powerful than you think.

How to Be More Mindful During Your Day

Practicing mindfulness takes time and patience. Here are several tips for mindfulness you can incorporate into your day:

#1: Focus on the Moment

Throughout your day, take a few seconds to ground yourself. Instead of worrying about all there is to do, take a step back and focus on the moment. Being present in the moment allows you to recognize reality–what is really happening, not what could happen.

If you’re sitting at the dinner table, try focusing on having a conversation with the person next to you. If you’re on the bus, take a few seconds to look around at the people, feel the movement of the tires, and experience the sounds more fully. Don’t focus on anything but what you are actually experiencing at that moment.

#2: Take Deep Breaths

One of the best ways to center your thoughts is to use deep breathing exercises. Breathing in a relaxed way helps the body calm itself, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and giving more oxygen to your brain and muscles. Breathing practices also allow you to focus your mind.

Breathe in deeply, hold it for a second, and breathe out. As you do, focus on nothing more than the movement of air through your body. It may create an intense level of calm.

#3: Practice Gratitude

Another very effective strategy for practicing mindfulness is to focus on what you’re grateful for. While it would probably be easy to list 10 things you worry about or hate, that won’t put you in a calm state of mind. Instead, focus on gratitude. 

Try to do this one out loud. List everything you’re grateful for, including people, places, and things. Be grateful for the sounds of birds chirping or the meal in front of you. Be thankful, too, for the stresses you’re facing because of what they are teaching you. Making the switch from anger and frustration (no matter how justified) to gratitude can help you make better decisions.

#4: Stretch Your Body

Mindfulness isn’t just about changing your thoughts, but also focusing on strengthening your body. Stretching is an excellent way to ground yourself. Just work your way through your body stretching your arms, legs, back, and so on. As you go through this process, your mind begins to focus on those muscles, releasing the build-up of tension and resulting in healing, recovery, and mindfulness.

#5: Accept Yourself

Giving yourself grace isn’t easy, but it can help you make better decisions and control more of what is happening to you. As you go through your day and encounter struggles, recognize them, recognize the way they make you feel, and accept them. Don’t dwell on the negative aspects. Instead, focus on doing what you need to do to support yourself. Consider treating yourself in the same way you would a close friend who is struggling. 

Recognize the Need for Ongoing Support

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is poised to help you on your journey towards healing. Learn more about our substance use disorder program and the numerous holistic strategies we incorporate into your treatment that allow you to focus on mindfulness. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.

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