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7 Benefits of Entering Inpatient Addiction Treatment During the Holidays

By on Nov 29, 2019 in Addiction, Blog, Recovery

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Making Recovery a Priority

Heading off to drug and alcohol addiction treatment should be a top priority for anyone with a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, it’s easy to think of excuses to delay treatment: scheduled meetings, work projects, vacations, birthdays, and more. But in truth, any time of year is the ideal time for beginning your recovery–even the holiday season. Entering treatment during the holiday season might be exactly what you need to show yourself and your loved ones that you are serious about recovery.

Here are seven more reasons to seek inpatient addiction treatment during the holidays.

#1: Holidays Are Big Triggers

Many people with a substance use problem have triggers. Triggers make people feel the need to use drugs or alcohol just to get through the day or the event. A trigger could be a family member who speaks to you in a certain way or a visit to a family member’s home. A trigger could be feeling lonely or depressed when everyone around you is celebrating. When triggers are present, you are putting yourself – and usually your family – at risk because of the strong craving you have to use.

By moving towards inpatient treatment now, you can skip those triggers. You will have to deal with them later, but during your early addiction treatment, you can avoid the onslaught of triggers that can occur during the holidays.

#2: A New Year, A New You

It’s common for people to want to start off the New Year in a good frame of mind. There is no better place for you to be during those early weeks of the year than in an inpatient treatment program. Many people who make themselves promises to quit using on January 1 fail within the first few days. That sense of failure only worsens the addiction and dependency.
In inpatient care, you’ll work on developing real goals for the New Year backed by key strategies to help you commit to them. You can’t do that on your own.

#3: Overdosing During the Holidays Can Hurt Family Deeply

Any time you use drugs or alcohol, you could overdose. This risk increases in situations where you are using more often or consuming more at one time. When someone in the family overdoses, the entire family is affected. You don’t want your parents, spouse, or children to associate the holidays with your overdose. Getting yourself into treatment means that your family can take a break from worrying about you during the holidays.

#4: You May Have Time Off

Some people do not want to enter inpatient drug and alcohol treatment because they are worried about missing work or school. During the holidays you may have more time off from these responsibilities than you do at other times of the year. By getting into an inpatient program now, you may miss less work or school, and you may even have some vacation time left to put toward your treatment.

Also, note that you may qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act. This can help to protect your job during your addiction recovery. While it does not guarantee paid time off, it helps secure your position.

#5: You Can Avoid Seeing Those “Old Friends”

If you are thinking about inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, you are already facing the reality that where you are right now is not where you want to be. During the holidays, old friends may come back into your life. You may have to spend some time with that cousin who always drinks and does drugs during the holidays. The people who are used to getting high with you can make you feel trapped. Inpatient therapy gives you a break from having to deal with these people and situations.

#6: It Could Be the Best Gift You Give Your Family

Skip the gifts this year. Instead, invest that money into your health and wellbeing. Chances are good your family would much rather see you get the help you need than get a necktie or a cookbook.

While your decision to enter treatment should be about you and what you need, recognizing that your treatment will be good for your family, too, can help motivate you to take that first step.

#7: It’s Time to Get Help Now

Detox can bring clarity to any life situation. During the holidays, when you are spending weekends and every other day waking up to the urge to use drugs or alcohol, detox can seem like an impossibility. But detox can also save your life.

If you think you need rehab, get it–no matter what time of year it is. Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, LA, wants to help you make the most of this holiday season by focusing on your recovery. Contact us today to find out more about our full range of treatment services.

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