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How Family Contributes to Your Recovery

By on Jun 22, 2019 in Blog, Recovery

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Many things contribute to a person’s ability to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. This includes physical and psychological support, developing vocational skills, and having a strong emotional support team. Many times, family members can provide individuals with the continued motivation to recover.

Creating a Strong Bond

Family bonds are some of the strongest, allowing individuals within the family to forgive and maintain relationships through many types of struggles. The best support comes from the nurturing provided in these environments. Even if your family is angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, they are likely to remain resilient in helping to support your recovery.

This creates a powerful bond. As a person with an addiction, you may feel alone or isolated. Family bonds help to increase your confidence. They also help you know you’re not alone.

Unconditional Positive Support

Recovery is a battle that isn’t won in a single round. Throughout the process, there will be ups and downs, with times of strife and frustration. Families support each other through those moments. It’s also important to remember that being able to care for someone and show love to them can help you to feel more confident as well. If you have a mother or uncle supporting you, you feel loved. Yet, you also love them, and that can help you to get through dark moments.

Unconditional love means loving someone even if they have shortcomings. Families grounded in this belief are more likely to overcome the challenges they face.

Being Part of Something

Humans want and need to feel like they are a part of something important. Families are capable of providing that feeling. Because the group works together, there tends to be someone available if you have feelings of fear or urges to use. Being part of this unit means you have the ability to reach out for help.

Alongside that comes from the sense within the family that you need help. Perhaps you have a sister that keeps pushing you about what’s wrong. You may have a family member that wants to tell you what the right decision is. They sense your needs and provide you with the encouragement you need to achieve health.

Can Family Hold You Back?

Your family should help you to work through drug and alcohol addiction recovery. They may also help you avoid relapse. Yet, there are some instances in which family may be a component of your frustration.

You may have members of your family who are hateful or resentful. Some may be unable to cope with their own addictions, therefore limiting their ability to help you. Sometimes, families can create a negative environment that leads you to question yourself, your recovery, and your future. Family members can be triggers that lead you to use drugs and alcohol.

It’s up to you to identify this situation and to remove yourself from it. That may mean moving out of your family home until you can become stronger and more independent. It may mean bringing your loved one into a counseling session to determine if you can work through the difficulties. This is a very important step when spouses are facing challenges.

When We Need Family

Many people benefit the most from family support during the first few weeks and months after they’ve become sober. During this time, they need the highest level of motivation and support from trusted family members.

Over time, they may need less of that support. As you become stronger and more confident in yourself, you’ll find it becomes easier to rely on yourself and the skills taught to you in rehab.

If your family isn’t accepting or supportive, make the decision to surround yourself with those that are. This may include a group of friends. Some people do well in transitional housing if they don’t have a strong network of support at home.

How Does Family Fit into Your Recovery Strategy?

For many men and women, bringing family into the recovery process is important. If you are using our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Lafayette, Louisiana, for example, bring your closest family members into a treatment session. Family counseling can help you to see what your loved ones need from you. It allows them to present their conflicts and struggles as well as listen to your own. Together, you can create a better outcome.

Family is a critical component in the recovery of many men and women. No matter who makes up your family, ensure they are a big part of your life in recovery. It can define the success you have long-term.

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