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The Importance of Safe Detox

By on May 26, 2020 in Blog, Detox

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When you’ve made the decision to get drug or alcohol treatment, one of the first steps is to rid your body of the chemicals and toxins. This is by far the most important part of the process for those with moderate to severe addiction. To be effective and safe, detox has to be done properly, preferably with medical supervision. Detoxing at home is more painful and can be very dangerous.

Why Detoxing at Home Is a High-Risk Scenario

Perhaps the most common problem is the difficulty – and often impossibility – of detoxing at your own home without support. When a person suffers from addiction and dependence, the brain becomes unable to function normally without access to that substance. When you take the drug away, you feel incredible withdrawal symptoms: pain, irritability, and a strong desire to use. For most people, these cravings become impossible to ignore. The brain demands the drug. Getting through this intense withdrawal stage is hard enough with support; without support, it’s too easy to start using again to escape the pain.

Detoxing can also create high-risk health complications. The type of drug and length of use impact the type of withdrawal people will experience. Most people will feel anxious and irritable during withdrawal. Some people become physically ill or may experience intense headaches, sweating, and trouble focusing. For others, the complications worsen and can become life-threatening. Detoxing can lead to shortness of breath, a very fast heart rate, seizures, and even a coma. Some people have arrhythmia, while others struggle with intense emotional trauma, including hallucinations and delirium.

Benefits of Detoxing at a Treatment Center

In a drug detox center, you get far more support and protection during the detox process. Your detox is closely controlled to ensure you receive the best outcome possible. Here is what to expect during detox at a treatment center:

  • Medically monitored care – Healthcare professionals will monitor your health every step of the way. You are not left alone to manage the pain and health risks associated with the condition.
  • Medication assistance – Your detox center can provide medications to help ease the detox process. These work to reduce the impact of withdrawal on the brain, allowing the brain to continue to work properly and efficiently as it weans itself off of the drug. You gain a sense of clarity without the withdrawal impact.
  • Supportive counseling – A component of detox often centers around dealing with emotional turmoil. You may have past traumas, incredible emotional damage, or a fear of being sober. During your drug and alcohol detox, counseling will be available to you. This allows you to start working on the healing process.
  • Co-Occurring disorder treatment -Many people also struggle with mental health conditions that become apparent as they work through detox. Co-occurring disorders, such as drug and alcohol addiction that is coupled with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety, need to be identified and treated together for you to be safe and successful in therapy.
  • A caring, supportive environment – Safe detox also means you feel like you are secure and not at risk. When you are battling the intensity of addiction, it helps to know you are not alone. Later, you can work on relationships and rebuild your life skills. Right now, it helps to know there is support for you no matter what you are going through during detox.

We Can Facilitate Safe Detox

The intensity of detox is important. This is a life-changing event. Yet, when you take that step toward treatment, you’re likely to find yourself thinking clearer, feeling better, and having the motivation to rebuild your life. Without professional detox treatment, you may be limiting your ability to successfully and sustainably withdraw from the substance. Consider reaching out to us today to begin your journey to sobriety.

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