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What Our Inpatient Residential Rehab in LA Is Really Like

By on Apr 4, 2024 in Blog, Rehab

The thought of leaving everything you know in your life to enter into a treatment center for drugs and alcohol is scary. No matter your age, your life experiences, or your mental health, this is a massive change.

For many people, it’s also the best possible opportunity for recovery. Without treatment, your disease will likely continue to spiral out of control, leading to complicated mental health and physical health concerns. Inpatient residential rehab in Louisiana saves lives, and the experience can be a very positive one, too.

What Our Inpatient Residential Rehab in LA Is Really Like

Forget anything you’ve learned about residential treatment from TV or the movies. The reality is that you’ll move into a very comfortable space, have ample privacy, and be able to work on yourself with professional support. Residential treatment is also one of the safest places you can be because of the 24/7 access to medical help and the absence of any substances. 

Consider what inpatient residential treatment is like within our treatment center at Victory Addiction Recovery Center.

A Home-Like Experience

Our campus isn’t a hospital, and it doesn’t feel like one. Instead, we do our best to make you feel at home, with a comfortable area for sleeping, access to living areas, spaces where you can relax.

Ongoing Daily Treatment

When you are in a treatment center, the goal is to work on your recovery. To do that, you will have access to a wide range of treatment methods that fit the specific needs you may have. Some examples include:

  • Individual therapy: You will work closely with your own therapist in private sessions to overcome the specific challenges you face. Individual therapy gives you the chance to investigate what is causing your addiction and what you need to recover.
  • Group therapy: During group therapy, you’ll work closely with others who are experiencing the same types of struggles. Group therapy provides education about addiction and specific strategies for dealing with real-life problems with confidence. 
  • Experiential approaches: We incorporate a wide range of experiential opportunities in your treatment. These allow you to learn, grow, and focus on positive aspects of life. 

Opportunities for Holistic Health

When you enroll in residential treatment with our team, you’ll gain a comprehensive set of tools  to help you focus on recovery for your body, mind, and spirit. These include access to spirituality and meditation groups, as well as opportunities to get physically stronger. Physical training in our fitness program allows you to build your health and develop a routine you can continue after treatment ends.

How Long Is Inpatient Residential Treatment in Lafayette, LA?

Our drug and alcohol treatment center provides treatment programs that last between 14 days and 90 days. Length of stay depends on the type of treatment you need, your overall health, and your goals. What’s most important is not to consider the days required but the work that you will achieve within that period of time. No matter how long recovery takes, we will stay by your side to help you through it.

Develop a Positive Lifestyle

At the heart of what we do at Victory Addiction Recovery Center is to prepare you for the real world. To do that, we educate and support you while giving you very concrete, relevant steps to take in your recovery. Then, we work on building strategies that can help you deal with real-world problems once you leave treatment. Strategies include:

  • Creating a daily routine that takes care of your physical health
  • Creating social communications and connections
  • Developing stress management strategies
  • Learning how to build strong relationships with family and friends who support you
  • Practicing relapse prevention strategies

Whether you watch an inspirational movie, engage in a group discussion, or listen to a lecture, you will have access to many opportunities to learn and grow throughout your time in treatment. 

To prepare for your return home, we help you develop a continuing care plan, which may include outpatient treatment, recovery support in your community, and connection to our alumni program.

Call Our Team Now to Find Out What Residential Treatment Could Mean for You

Inpatient residential rehab in Louisiana is one of the services we offer at Victory Addiction Recovery Center. Even if you’re not sure it’s right for you, contact us to learn about all of our treatment options. 

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