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Don’t Wait – Why You’ll Benefit from Addiction Treatment Now

By on Dec 3, 2022 in Addiction, Blog

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Are you ready to recognize the need for drug and alcohol treatment? Perhaps you know it’s something you have to do, but not right now. You want to focus on the holidays and being with your family. “I’ll go in January,” you say. Don’t wait. There are many benefits to treatment now.

The Holidays Could Be Better

Getting into drug and alcohol treatment right now means that you’re not going to go through another holiday spent arguing with family and friends over your substance use disorder. It means you will be doing something for yourself and your future, including future holidays.

You’ll Lessen the Trauma

Your use of substances impacts many people, and even if it’s very hard to admit, you know that another holiday season is likely to be hard on your loved ones. They will spend another holiday worrying about you, watching you suffer, and dealing with the impact of your addiction on their own lives. Getting into treatment sooner means reducing the ongoing trauma for yourself and others.

Your Insurance May Cover It

Mental health and drug addiction treatment are often covered by many healthcare plans. A logical reason to get care now is because doing so means you’ll be able to take advantage of your care benefits for 2022 before everything starts over again in 2023. Take advantage of the coverage you have now so that you have more coverage for next year if you need it.

You May Have Time Off to Cover It

For those who are working, getting into drug and alcohol treatment now may be easier to do. You may have vacation time to use up before the end of the year. And many businesses slow down during the holidays. For some people, it may also be easier to find help for younger children during the holidays.

It Could Prevent an Overdose

Many people facing drug and alcohol addiction relive trauma associated with the holidays. As they do, they may turn to substances as a coping mechanism. That’s very worrisome, especially if you are using a lot of substances, mixing them, or using them more often. It creates the potential for an overdose, and that could mean a life-or-death situation. Consider the risk of your continued use during the holidays. Are you likely to use more? If so, getting help now may be critical.

It Could Preserve Your Health

The longer you continue to use drugs and alcohol, the harder it is to stop. At the same time, every time you use substances, you’re damaging your health, whether by damaging your brain and cognitive abilities, your liver and kidneys, or your heart, lungs, or other organs. The sooner you reach out for care, the less damage you’ll do to your body during these months.

It’s Just What Needs to Be Done

Getting addiction treatment before the end of the year may just be the best thing for you. The sooner you get into care, the sooner you can reclaim your life and build a stronger future for yourself. Waiting to do this only prolongs the process you’ll go through to get healthy.

  • Are you ready to stop having every day controlled by your drug or alcohol use?
  • Do you want to feel good again?
  • Are you ready to create a future for yourself that isn’t reliant on drugs and alcohol?
  • Are you ready to save your life?

Every time is the right time to get treatment. As harsh as it may seem to get into care during the holidays, not doing so puts you at a higher risk for further complications, and that’s not going to help you in your recovery journey.

Talk to your loved ones about addiction. At Victory Addiction Recovery Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, we want to help you start that process and get treatment now. Contact us today to learn how you can get into care.

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